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By S Vikram | Nov 24, 2019 07:07 PM

While Shiv Sena was announced to form Government in the state of Maharashtra, a sudden change in the game led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) take a lead to form the Government by the combined support of Ajit Pawar, the leader of Nationalist Congress Party Leader (NCP). The twist in Maharashtra politics has formed discussions among people and political parties.

Maharashtra government formation BJP, INC, Shiv Sena

As usual, a lot of accusations started pouring for BJP while the representatives of the ruling party provide reasons on the other side. In fact, Sharad Pawar, the president of NCP was not interested to ally with BJP and he openly stated that the decision of Ajit Pawar does not have any relation with NCP and it was his personal interest.

Devendra Fadnavis became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra once again and Ajit Pawar has been named as the Deputy CM of the state. Meanwhile, the prominent personality of BJP, Subramanya Swamy took to his twitter space and provided his reason for BJP forming the government in Maharashtra.

As per his tweet, the Shiv Sena alliance failed to present the list of MLAs to the governor while BJP alliance had "Close to a majority of MLAs". He also quoted the 1991 Indian General Election in which P.V Narashima Rao was elected as the Prime Minister of India. Since no party could prove majority in the 1991 elections, PVNR from Indian National Congress was called to form the government despite being a minority government.

According to First Post, Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayanasamy blamed BJP that the party has been indulging in undemocratic practices like horse-trading and buying of MLAs in non-BJP ruled states to topple elected governments.

In yet another twist, the fight to form the Government has reached Supreme Court (SC) on November 25 (Monday). The SC has ordered to conduct a floor test within 24 hours and reportedly the order will be passed at 10:30 am on November 26 (Tuesday). 

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