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By S Vikram | Aug 16, 2019 01:39 PM

The scrapping of Article 370 has been one of the top highlights in the month of August which has indeed created a widespread discussion between the people of India and Pakistan. A youngster from Kolkata had made a video where he was seen holding a display saying “I’m from Pakistan Please Slap Me / Hug Me“. Reportedly, the youngster shot the video at Kolkata, India to test the mindset of the people over the Article 370 issue.

“I’m from Pakistan” says Kolkata youngster in Public

The incident was reported by TOI who had claimed that the Youngster named Arifuddin Molla is currently pursuing his first-year at Bhangar Mahavidyala College Kolkata. When asked about the motive behind the video the youngster was quoted as saying “To understand the Public perception of Pakistan” especially after the Article 370 downgrade. He further added, “There seems to be widespread support for the move, and so I wanted to find out whether our perception of Pakistan, too had changed”

Arifuddin had reportedly stood at the spot for over 8 hours and he did not receive any slaps or hateful act from the public instead he received a lot of hugs. However to stay out of any controversy and pro hate activities, Arifuddin had clearly put a disclaimer at the beginning of his video saying it is not to offend any country and only for entertainment purposes.