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By Vinershea | Jun 02, 2020 11:38 AM

In a shocking turn of events, a 30-year-old man was brutally thrashed and buried alive in sand to avenge financial dispute. This incident took place in Gujarat's Rajkot city.

gujarat man buried alive in sand wriggles out to reach cops 

The victim has been identified as Kapil Marakana, who works in a dairy in Gondal while the accused  who kidnapped the 30-year-old man identified as Arvind Bambhava, Ravi Vakatar and Chandu Bharwad.

The three accused first kidnapped him, then brutally thrashed and buried him alive. But little did they know, that the victim dug himself out and ran for his life straight into a police station where he filed a complaint against them.

This incident happened on Sunday (May 31) after a fight that broke out between Arvind Bambhava and the victim, Kapil Marakana. 

After initial investigation, the police got to know that the fight and grudge dates back when the dairy named Shivshakti was owned by Bambhava and Markana, who was working there for six years. Due to losses, Bambhava had to sell off the dairy to Yogesh Bharwad six months ago. 

This began the fight towards Markana, whom he accused of stealing dairy funds and causing losses. 

On the fateful day, Bambhava, accompanied by Vakatar arrived at the dairy on May 31 and took the victim forcibly to a sand stockyard on Gondal. They thrashed him, pinned him to the ground and buried him alive-letting him to die and the three accused returned to their homes. 

“While being inside the cabin, Markana started to wriggle furiously under the sand and first his feet came loose. After some more struggle, he managed to come out and run, but the trio spotted him and started chasing him. But Markana raced ahead of them and reached the nearby Gondal sub-jail where he sought help from a cop deployed there. The trio saw this and beat a hasty retreat,” said AV Jadeja, in-charge inspector with Gondal city police station. 

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