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Facebook to roll new dating feature, opposed by right-wing parties

Social media giant, Facebook is to introduce a new dating feature later this year and is already facing a heavy backlash from the country's right-wing groups. Reportedly, the fringe-groups feel it a huge impending threat to the Indian culture. Speaking to online media house, Buzzfeed, some even suggested that they will protest strongly if the feature is introduced.


Prem Verma Rajput, a spokesperson of Hindu Sena reportedly said, "Do you know what the Hindi word for dating is? Nothing! So how is it that our women can just go out and meet strange men from Facebook? We’re definitely against it.”


Ironically, despite the standard norms of arranged marriages, India still remains a huge market for dating apps. According to reports, Tinder is the second grossing application on Google Play Store in India. However, right-wing groups still continue to oppose it. Vishwa Hindu Parishad's general secretary, Surender Jain reportedly said, "Dating is debauchery and it is dangerous for our country’s culture."

Hindu Sena's Rajput challenged the feature and said, "Let Facebook launch the feature. We’ll organize mass protests."










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