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By Vinershea | Dec 10, 2019 07:33 PM

In a shocking and thrilling case, a man from Kerala has admitted of killing his wife. He also claimed of burying her body so that he could live with his girlfriend. 

Drishyam Plot Kerala Man Kills Wife To live with girlfriend

He was inspired to do so, after watching a Malayalam crime thriller - Drishyam. The man has been identified as Premkumar while is wife identified as Vidya. This incident took place while the couple was staying at a villa in Thiruvananthapuram. 

As per News18 report, the police said that Premkumar strangled his wife to death with the help of his girlfriend Sunitha on September 22. After killing the wife, the two disposed of Vidya’s body at an isolated area near Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu so that it would become difficult for her family to find her.

During interrogation, the husband tried to mislead the police by filing a missing complaint at the police station. Not just that, the man also threw the woman's mobile phone in the dustbin of a long-distance train to Bihar, because, when the police tried to look for her whereabouts, the mobile phone showed a tower in Bihar.

As the police went deeper into the matter, they got to know that Premkumar and Vidya had a bad and troubled marriage. After which the husband had an extramarital affair with Sunitha, whom he had met at a school reunion.

“Both Premkumar and Sunitha stayed together in Tirunelveli for two months (after the murder). Once the interrogation started, they confessed to have committed the crime. The local police in Tirunelveli also found an unidentified corpse of a woman on September 22, the same day that Premkumar had filed a missing complaint with the police,” ACP R Viswanath told media.

Police also stated that Premkumar later admitted that he got this idea about the murder from the Malayalam movie 'Drishyam'.

“Sunitha later claimed that she helped Premkumar dispose-off the body. Premkumar and Sunitha wanted to live together and that is the prime motive behind the crime," Viswanath added. Meanwhile, Sunitha, is a nursing superintendent at a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram district.  

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