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By Saradha | Jun 22, 2020 01:11 PM

A notorious criminal, Mohan, was convicted recently by a local court in Mangaluru, Karnataka. He was accused of killing several women using cyanide after befriending and raping them. He is infamously known as serial killer ‘Cyanide’ Mohan. He was held guilty on 20 June for the rape and murder of a young woman from Kerala’s Kasaragod district in 2009. He has also been convicted of 19 other murder cases.

Crime: Serial Killer Cyanide Mohan held for rape and 20 murders

The punishment has not been decided yet but is likely to be pronounced on June 24. Earlier, he was ordered to get imprisonment in three cases and death sentence in five. Later, two of the death penalties were commuted as life imprisonment.

According to media reports, the prosecution presented that the 25-year-old victim was working as a cook in a ladies hostel and was befriended by Mohan in 2009. He visited her house and said that he would marry her. On July 8 2009, the victim left her house saying that she was going to a temple but she took off to Bengaluru and told that she would get married and return home soon. 

He allegedly took the victim to a lodge near a bus stand in Bengaluru. They had a physical relationship following which he asked the victim to leave her jewellery in the room.  When they went to the bust stand, she was asked to take a cyanide-laced tablet. He allegedly convinced her that it was a contraceptive pill. The woman who took the tablet, subsequently collapsed near the toilet of the bus stand. A constable took her to the hospital immediately but she was declared dead on arrival. The case was registered as an unnatural death. 

In October 2009, Mohan was arrested. The victim’s sister saw his pictures, identified him and filed a complaint. The criminal investigation department later took up the probe. 

Initially the case was handled by Public prosecutor Judit O M Crasta, it was later taken over by Jayaram Shetty.

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