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By Dharani | Aug 26, 2019 06:38 PM

At times people get lucky when ATMs spill 100 or 200 in extra than the entered amount. With that said, one cannot expect thousands or lakhs to be spilled though. In a bizarre event, an ATM accidentally dispensed Rs.96,000 before even the card holder entered her PIN number.

ATM Spills Rupees 96,000 Before Even Entering the PIN Number.

Rafiqua Mahadiwala, a Chartered Accountant, visited an ATM in Andheri East, Mumbai to withdraw cash. When she put her card in the slot, the machine began to make some noise. So, she removed the card and moved to another machine nearby. All of a sudden, the former ATM started spilling 500 Rupee denominations which amounted to 96,000 in total. She quickly checked if any amount has been deducted from her account, but that wasn’t the case.

“I quickly removed the card and was checking another machine in the same kiosk, when the currency notes spilled out,” Mahadiwala was quoted as saying by Deccan Herald.

Later, Mahadiwala handed over the cash to the security guard. After a little investigation, the security guard remembered that a person was trying to withdraw cash from the same ATM and the transaction failed.