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By Vinershea | Jun 11, 2019 08:03 PM

In a bizarre case, a bitcoin machine started spitting out 20-pound notes at a London train station recently. Commuters were all shocked and amused to see such an incident for the first time. Many also took video of the incident and posted on social media.

Watch Video: Bitcoin ATM Spits Out Notes On Busy Station in London

As per NDTV reports, the video of the incident surfaced on Reddit and has gone viral online. According to the Sun, the video was filmed at London's Bond Street tube station. In the 20-second-long clip, a security guard is seen ushering people away while a man collects the money.

Passersby can be seen looking on in amazement as the bitcoin machine spills out wads of 20 pound banknotes. The embarrassed man, apparently making a huge cash transaction, is seen sweeping the notes into a black bag, The Sun reported.

The footage led many to believe that the machine had been hit by the "jackpotting" bug - which can make individual machines spit out money, The Sun further reported.

After the video was shared online, it has been 'upvoted' over 2,000 times and has been viewed thousands of times over. 

However, the Polish company that owns the machine said that it started spitting out notes because a customer was withdrawing a large amount of money, reports Daily Mail. Check the video below: 

Bond Street Bitcoin ATM spitting out tons of money! from r/Bitcoin