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By Vinershea | May 19, 2020 08:47 PM

Ever since the lockdown has taken place in the country, migrant workers have left cities and are walking in the heat and rain to reach home. Among most of the stories that has hit headlines, a 15-year-old daughter, who cycled for almost 1,200 kilometres to rescue her injured father from Delhi to Darbhanga, Bihar has shocked the country.  

15 year old girl takes father on bicycle covers 1200km to home

The girl has been identified as Jyoti Kumari, who did not think twice before starting her long journey without food or water. 

When media contacted her, the seventh grade student said, "I did not feel very scared even while cycling at night as we used to see hundreds of migrants walking on the highways. Our only concern was road accidents, which fortunately we did not face.”

"My father used to drive a rickshaw in Delhi. But he became unemployed because he had to surrender the rickshaw to its owner after the lockdown. And he also suffered a leg injury," the girl added. 

The father and daughter began their journey on May 10 from Delhi and reached their destination on May 16. Amid all the crisis and fear, they managed to spend Rs 500 to buy a bicycle and begin their journey. 

Further expressing her ordeal about the journey and their condition, she said; "We did not have much money and the landlord pressured my father either to pay or vacate the room. No one was there to help us so we decided to return to our village. We talked to a truck driver, who demanded Rs 6,000 for bringing us from Delhi to Darbhanga, but we could not afford to pay the money. Finally, I asked my father to pillion ride on the bicycle bought with Rs 500 and we started for Darbhanga."

"We had only Rs 600 with us when we left Delhi. I used to cycle day and night taking breaks of two-three hours at petrol pumps during the night hours. We mostly ate food at relief camps and those offered by some good Samaritans on the way," she smiled and said. 

After reaching their village and home, the residents were in a state of surprise. Both were provided with proper food and water and immediate medical attention.

Ever since this video and post has gone viral, the girl has been lauded on social media for her courage. Check out the post below:



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