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By Saradha | May 19, 2020 11:25 AM

Postmen who deliver letters to your doorstep will soon start bringing fruits and vegetables if you place your booking online with the horticulture department. The Horticulture department is in a tie up with India post to take up this project. The first trial took place in Chitlapakkam. 

Govt employs Postmen to Deliver you This!

This system is expected to come into force within a week. A Senior Horticulture department official told the media that they’ve been receiving complaints about non delivery of veggies and fruits by mini- autorickshaws which was hired by the department. Since, the government has now relaxed lockdown norms for operation of regular autorickshaws, this initiative was taken. 

In the starting phase, the delivery will depend upon the operative capacity of each post office. “We want to send a maximum of 7 kg of vegetables or fruits in each parcel. The postal department with its experience can quite comfortably deliver parcels weighing such small quantities. It has vehicles to distribute the parcels without any difficulty, "he said. 

Since lockdown containment measures are in place, the postal department has not been handling their parcels. This initiative will allow them to bring relief to residents in their area and the department will earn its revenue. 

Officials believe that since postmen or women being aware of their neighbourhood is another reason behind picking them for this task. Since they are well- acquainted with the streets and roads that fall under their jurisdiction, it will speed up the process and prove to be advantageous.

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