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Comedy actor Sreenivasan's house has been vandalized for supporting Dileep

One of the most trending news stories over the past few months has been the actress abduction case that involved Malayalam actor Dileep. Many have gone against the superstar about this issue, while some have stood by him. One of the latter has been actor Sreenivasan. The comedian came out in support of his good friend and quoted that Dileep is not a fool to do such an act.

After having done this, the actor faced a lot of criticism from various people. Apparently, the worst of it is, his house was smeared with black oil all over the front walls, the gate, and the front yard. Reacting to this in his usual comical way, the actor dismissed the fact that he would be lodging a complaint, and he reportedly said, ''I only wish that the people who did this had smeared black oil all over the house then it would have saved me from painting the home. I have instructed my people there not to clean it up, and told them that if they suspect anyone to ask them to smear black oil on all the walls''.

Though the comical actor stays in Kochi, it is reported that the house that suffered the oil bath was the one located in Kuthuparambu.


Home > Malayalam Movies > Malayalam Cinema News

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Actor Dileep's bail plea rejected again

According to the latest reports, Dileep's bail plea has been rejected yet again by Kerala High Court. This is the second time his bail plea has been dismissed. Dileep went through the same ordeal last month when his bail plea was rejected for the first time.

He later decided to apply bail for the 2nd time on the 11th of August, and now the Court has denied his plea yet again. It must be noted he has been in the Aluva sub-jail jail for 50 days now after being arrested in association with the famous actress molestation case. His remand period ends on September 22nd. So we could expect him to be in prison at least till then.

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