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As a child, I watched old movies which narrated Hindu mythological tales in an entertaining manner. These were the motion pictures in vibrant ‘Eastman’ color and magnificent sets. Whilst some of these stuck to scriptures, a few took fictional approaches portraying various scenarios. All in all, they made religious education rather fun! There's been a drought for such movies for almost 30 years, but with ‘Seedan,’ I hope this season to be over.

The movie tells the story of a maid; a devotee of Lord Muruga, who falls in love with her master’s grandson. But when they seem destined for separation, she feels Lord Muruga is blind to her prayers. Whether Lord Muruga answers her prayers forms the rest of the story. The basic plot may sound a little clichéd, but when one finishes watching it, they are bound to have a smile on their face and remember their not-so-conventional, personal exchanges with their favorite deity!

What makes the movie tick? There are six key reasons (just like the six faces of Lord Muruga!

Eru Mayil Eri Vilayadu Mugam Ondre! – Dhanush

The Kollywood audience have evolved in a way they are able to appreciate good movies regardless of the star ’value.’ Nevertheless, having a star on board always helps! Dhanush provides both the promotion value and an amazing performance, which will definitely be, not just an ordinary feature, but a ‘peacock’ feature in his cap. He is PERFECT as Lord Muruga! For those trying to picture Dhanush in colorful robes and golden accessories... no need! His intro scene with his ‘peacock’ silently portrays the world as his oyster!

Absolutely stunning visual concept! 

Eesaondu Gnana Mozhi Pesu Mugam Ondre! – Dialogues

Some of Dhanush’s dialogues are absolutely classic, comic and carefully thought gems!
Top 3 tasters...

‘Koyiluku poi kumbuduravan kastham thaan Murugan’uku theriyuma, mathavan kashtam elam theriyatha (?)’ Translated meaning: Does Muruga only know the prevails of those who go and pray at a temple and not those of others?

I do not encourage those who are lazy to use this as an excuse, but for those who preach on extensive and constant visits to places of worship to those who genuinely can’t make it... Thoughtful words eh?

‘Nalla Iravu sir.... Good night endru solla vanthen!...(Thamizh Valga endru solranga, Thamizh'a’ Good night sonna, thiru thiru endru mulikuraanga!)'  Meaning: Muruga’s avatar – Dhanush says ‘Good night’ in Tamil to a character who looks completely lost and therefore has to repeat it in English. He then mutters how they praise the Tamil language, but don’t understand a common saying in that very same language.

I felt this was an iconic sequence for one enacting an avatar of Lord Muruga, who is considered a Tamil deity. It has been written with good humor and reaches the audience with a bang!

‘Engeyo velanju vengayam, namma mama’na, machan’a? Atha veturappo, namma kanula thani varura’thila?' Translated meaning: The onion which grows from where ever, is it our uncle or our cousin? But when we cut them, do we not shed a tear?

Another comical string of words used metaphorically to explain some simple values of human nature! These dialogue truly brought the ‘Lord Muruga’ described in the scriptures; not the warrior or savior, but the one who mischievously advices his own Father.

Koorum Adiyaargal Vinai Theertha Mugam Ondre! – Cast

Despite the magnanimous presence of Dhanush (Muruga), his presence cannot be justified if not for the cast (worshipers). Be it the many grannies, neighbors, uncles  of the hero or the fellow servants at the household, each character is portrayed neatly. The heroine in particular is a delight to watch who appears simple and just human (i.e. not too kind hearted or overly nice!), who can be related to, which is a major plus!

Kundruruva Vel Vangi Nindra Mugam Ondre! – Music

This is the 50th venture for music director Dhina and is there a better way to celebrate this Golden Jubilee other than by scoring for a movie about a deity with the Golden spear?! I must say the tracks were average but the BGM, and in particular, the piece during the beginning credits, were simply divine and provided the right atmosphere to this tale.    

Maarupadu Soorarai Vathaitha Mugam Ondre! – Muruga

Let’s not forget THE Lord Muruga. Many people share a bond with the Gods just like a friend. I am sure many will share my view. And I am sure many would relate to this ‘bond’ portrayed so neatly in the movie. The ‘close-to-home’ scenario, after many years on screen.

The character 'Maha's Murugan...

My Murugan...

Valli’yai Manam’punaraVantha Mugam Ondre! – Crew

There is no connection between this last verse of this devotional hymn and ‘Crew’. So puns apart, I believe for any movie, the crew is the foundation without which the film would be baseless! So credit is due to the entire team. Those behind the concept (the original Malayalam version ‘Nandhanam’ and those who made the alterations suitable for the Tamil audience), and those who transformed the script to the movie we see on our screens. It was a truly ‘nice’ film, worthy of the ‘divine’ presence, as to say.

In recent times, the topic of religion has become controversial and its portrayal in cinema has changed accordingly. Movies are more likely to depict the darker aspects of religion, as well as the social and practical implications These have resulted in some masterpieces such as ‘Hey Ram’ (from India) and ‘The Passion of Christ’(Hollywood), to name a few. Since watching ‘Seedan’ however, I came to realize that at times, you just need a simple, sweet, stress-free and thought-free medium, which rips away the packing of religion, leaving only what is most important; that of Faith, Hope and that ‘close-to-home, close-to-the-heart' idea...

Ananthi Nadarajah

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