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Production: B. V. S. N. Prasad Cast: Jagapati Babu, Jr NTR, Rajendra Prasad, Rakul Preet Singh Direction: Sukumar Screenplay: Sukumar Story: Sukumar Music: Devi Sri Prasad Background score: Devi Sri Prasad

Directed by Sukumar, Junior NTR’s 25th project Nannaku Prematho (NP), has a very thoughtful start to it, right from the title credits and from there a straight dive into the narration. When you wage a war against a business tycoon with an urge since childhood, the fight is not that easy.

Using the simplest form of an emotion as the mantle of the film, the storywriter has made effective use of the screenplay and also the protagonist’s character sketch to complete the story in one go.

Abiram (NTR) is a genius who looks ravishingly smart in blazers. Thanks for the makeover, the hero looks fittingly handsome and could even pull off a Telugu speaking James Bond. Partially based on butterfly effect, it is the intelligence of the story that first strikes you than the attractive Rakul Preet Singh and of course the neatly captured UK.

Junior NTR’s performance gets to be noticed for the sudden subtlety and sophistication. From the accent to the kind of dresses he wears and even during the exhausting dance sequences, the performer maintains a body language of a highly committed gentleman who grew up outside India. Abiram is basically smart, suave and manipulative. He has the brain of a con-artist and the heart of a loving son. Though the film might have its regular moments, one song has an interesting cue to start with.  NP differs in the way it exercises caution on the dramatics of the story.

Engaging the audience in a mind play and also not tiring them with too many details, the director succeeds in making an engaging film. More on the placement of the songs, the editor could have argued his best with the director in either repositioning or avoiding them. Going by the investigative tone, the story constantly involves us in the guessing game. Giving a credit to the stunt coordinator is a must and cheers to his homework. Vijay C Chakravarthy’s dedication with the lens is noteworthy. Every frame looks perfect. Not much of the movements and unnecessary improvisations result in undivided attention from the audience. Rakul (Dhivya) does kindle our heart every time she exhibits her beauty, but her performance equally gets noticed. Jagapati Babu’s menacing voice and deceiving expressions give a classy villain to Telugu cinema. His underplay gives a perception about baddies.

With a lot of efforts invested in creating a foreign look to the film, the matched portions get hardly noticed. The production team along with the art department have put in a lot of time to get things perfect. Devi Sri Prasad’s familiar songs and the particular BGM that completely resembles the ‘Bhaag Saale’ number from the movie ‘Business Man’ is a downer. Spoon feeding of the scenes could have been avoided considering the shrewdness of the script. Junior NTR’s choreography also needs freshness taking into account, how capable the star is. Even the flashback portion and some needless drama could have elevated the film’s individuality a lot more.

The amount of details and intricacies created by wise man Abiram is what that makes the common story exciting more than the premise. The nature of the film being the fight against evil for the loss incurred, NP is an extremely smart film with acceptable suspense in store. A family-drama with some incisive elements, NP is a film with progression.

Verdict: A Junior NTR charmer!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Nannaku Prematho (aka) Nanaku Prematho

Nannaku Prematho (aka) Nanaku Prematho is a Telugu movie with production by B. V. S. N. Prasad, direction by Sukumar. The cast of Nannaku Prematho (aka) Nanaku Prematho includes Jagapati Babu, Jr NTR, Rajendra Prasad, Rakul Preet Singh.