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Cinematographer Rathnavelu (Randy) talks about the success of Kumari 21F
Kumari 21F is the latest sensation in the Telugu industry and the film is riding on a major wave of audience support and box-office collections. Starring Raj Tarun and Heebah Patel in the lead roles, the film has Devi Sri Prasad's music, Rathnavelu (Randy) behind the camera and Sukumar in charge of the story, screenplay and dialogues. Pratap has directed the film.
We had a chat with DoP Randy on the film's success story,
"I am just returning to Chennai after a great weekend in Hyderabad. The film is a fine success and the trade is calling it a mini-Baahubali. Distributors have recovered their investments in the first weekend itself and it is doing phenomenal business in the US too. The film has been screened in about 22 theaters in TN with around 12 across Chennai.
DSP has given a full album Hit, and we have all been involved closely in this film. I missed quite a few big films too and focused just on this film. My friendship with Sukumar is the main reason for my involvement in this film. With its bold content on romance, youngsters are loving it. Kumari 21F makes it 3 back to back successes for hero Raj Tarun and it is a game-changer for him. Heroine Heebah has also done well.
Allu Arjun recently called me and spoke for about 20 mins about the film, appreciating all its finer details and the various nuances. The press wondered how the film was so visually-driven and efficient, despite being shot on a shoe-string budget. After seeing my work in big films, they were pleasantly shocked by my work in this film."
We congratulate Randy and the Kumari 21F team on their handsome success.


Cinematographer Rathnavelu (Randy) talks about the success of Kumari 21F

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