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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Vocals : Hemachandra, Saindhavi, Ranjith, Mukesh, Naveen, Malathi Lakshmanan, Karthik, Reeta, Rahul Nambiar, Shoba Chandrasekar, Janani Madhan.
Lyrics : Na.Muthukumar, Vaali, S.P.Raajakumar, Kabilan, Snehan.
Produced by Sangili Murugan, directed by S.P.Rajakumar, this film, expected to be a big summer release, stars Vijay (his fiftieth film), Tamannah, Vadivelu, Sriman, Dev Gill and others. The film is set in the coastal area with water playing a dominant part of the visuals, for a change. Mani Sharma scores the music for this and the album features six tracks. Sun Pictures are distributing this movie.

Thanjavoor Jillakkari...
Vocals: Hemachandra, Saindhavi.
Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

A bright little melodious number, this! On the Madhyamavathi raga scale, this duet reminds you just a wee bit of ‘Karikalan kaalai’ from Vettaikkaran in the way it has been put together. Pleasing drum work and crisp strings deserve mention.

Vettri Kodi Yeathu...

Vocals: Ranjith, Mukesh.
Lyrics: Vaali, S.P.Raajakumar

The typical ‘build-up’ song for Vijay, with predictable lyrics. But what makes it likeable is the softer treatment and the breezy drum work that links our minds to the ‘seaside’ images which is where the story itself is based. The vocal and instrumental chorus that go’ paa ma ga sa ga ma, paa ma ga sa ga ma,pa saa ni sa dha ni paa’ point to a possible use of Karaharapriya raga scale with a western touch. Could climb the charts.

Vanga Kadal Ellai...

Vocals: Naveen, Malathi Lakshmanan.
Lyrics: Kabilan

Oh, Ho! Just when you begin relishing this album comes this boring mandatory piece designed to show off Vijay’s dancing skills. Generates nothing but a feeling of ennui in you. Sharp thavils and some racy instrumental bits keep you awake.

Siragadikkum Nilavu...
Karthik, Reeta.
Lyrics: Snehan

A soft melody with tiny touches of jazz. The song flows smoothly. A raspy kind of rendering from Karthik makes it enjoyable. Neat lyrics too. With soft visuals, it could hit the charts.

Thamizhan Veera...
Rahul Nambiar.
Lyrics: Kabilan

Loaded lyrics, whichever way you look at it! Does Vijay have anything up his sleeve, we wonder. With its nursery rhyme-like cadence, this pleasant song, based on the Natabairavi raga, is let down by weak orchestration.

Naan Nadanthal Adhiradi...
Naveen, Shoba Chandrasekar, Janani Madhan
Lyrics: Kabilan

Hmmm, such self-glorification! Anyway this tight guitar-dominated number could give Vijay ample scope to serve up his dancing skills. Nothing more.


Well, Mani Sharma has added the right touch of softness to this Vijay album to suit the storyline which revolves around the lives of fisherfolk. Especially the native drums. None of the edgy, teeth-clenching music we heard in Vettaikkaran. This being Vijay’s fiftieth film, were we looking for more?
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