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Review by : Malathy Sundaram
Music Director : Karthik Raja
Vocals : Violin Padma, Rita, Arman Malik, Sarvan, VKS Fouzia, Hariharan, Sriram Parthasaradhy, Haricharan, Bellie Raj, Rahul Nambiar, Deepa Mariam, Shreya Ghosal.
Lyrics : Palanibarathy, V.Ramasami, Chandra, Annamalai.
Produced by Shankar and directed by Thamira, this full length comedy stars Balachander and Bharathiraja along with Aari, Anjali and others. The two veterans play the roles of two impish village elders, with the village itself being set near Tirunelveli. Actress Aishwarya Rai released the audio album of this movie a few days ago. Karthik Raja, after a commendable job in ‘Achchamundu, Achchamundu’, scores the music for this film.

Bam Bam Bambara Kaatthu...
Vocals: Violin Padma, Rita and chorus.
Lyrics: Palanibarathy

Wah! Wah! Such a well orchestrated song, this! All the sounds associated with wind and rain-dripping, whirling, moaning, whispering and
other such delicate sounds have been well etched into this number which appears to be based on the Suddha Danyasi raga. Don’t miss the delicate sound accompanying the words ’kammakkarai nandu—‘. Neat lyrics too

Pattalam Paaruda...

Vocals: Arman Malik, Sarvan, VKS Fouzia along with Padma Seshadri schoolchildren.
Lyrics: V.Ramasami

A charming kiddies’ number on the lines of ‘Naanthaan Goppanda’ and ‘Choo Choo Mari’ but here you have some amusing ‘arm-flexing’ from the kids. Peppy Sankarabaranam notes from the trumpet add a lot of ‘dhum’ to the song. Could be liked by kids.

Naan Endru Sol...

Vocals: Hariharan, Sriram Parthasaradhy, Haricharan.
Lyrics: Chandra

An interesting song, in the sense three singers have lent their voices to it. All blend so smoothly. A song of anticipation tinged with sorrow. The Mayamalava raga scale used here is rather sharp (especially the ‘dha’ swara) taking away somewhat from its melodic value.

Poochaandi Kannazhagi...
Bellie Raj, Rita.
Lyrics: Annamalai

This duet has very quirky instrumentation and rather cute lyrics. The clever use of 4-kattai scale makes the raga swing between Hindolam and Suddha Danyasi. A creative number, though there is not much melody. Jolly rendering from both. Could hit the charts.

Para Para Kili...
Rahul Nambiar, Deepa Mariam.
Lyrics: Palanibarathy

Refreshingly different lyrics and very stylish rhythms here. Deepa sounds sweet but needs more expression. Rahul’s voice is caressing. The song has potential for visual richness. Let us see how it is canned.

Poochandi Kannazhagi...
Hariharan, Shreya Ghosal.
Lyrics: Annamalai

A virtual repeat of song no.4 with Hariharan’s added chirpy sangatis (kannaley).

Naan Endru Sol...
Lyrics: Chandra

Hariharan’s solo rendering of song no.3.


There is a nice technical finesse in terms of instruments used. A neat album, no doubt, but just a bit more richness in terms of melody would have been very welcome because the composer involved is Karthik Raja, no less!
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