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Naan Kadavul Naan Kadavul
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Produced by K.S.Srinivasan, directed by Bala and starring Arya and Pooja in the lead roles. This film's tagline 'Aham Brahmaasmi' ( an upanishadic line) says it all—the search for God inside you. The movie is supposed to portray the life of an Aghori, of a saiva (?) sect which practices cannibalism. Suitably the movie has Varanasi as its backdrop. Bala has crafted it painstakingly for almost three years now and with maestro Ilayaraja handling the music department, this film has generated a lot of curiosity. Bala is well-known for his intense films.
Naan Kadavul

Om Sivoham...

Vocals: Vijay Prakash.

Lyrics: Vaali.

A rather longish song, but very well conceived, full of siva-bhakti. The use of appropriate native percussion instruments, sankha, drums and some fascinating tabla work add the right amount of awe to the presentation of Shiva as the fearsome, all-destroying Rudra. You hear a bit of 'rudram' and some descriptions in praise of Shiva in his varied manifestations. The swirling beats, now dipping, now blazing, bring to your mind's eye the thandava of the Lord. Quite well sung too.

Naan Kadavul
Kannil Paarvai...
Vocals: Shreya Ghosal
Lyrics: Vaali.

Gentle, pathos-laden lyrics—is it sung by a visually challenged girl? The song itself moves on a slow rhythm with curving sangatis, in what appears to be Tilang raga with a generous Hindustani touch. Is that the dilruba we hear at the start and in the first interlude? This too adds pathos, The violin pieces too are sober. When Shreya goes to a higher pitch, the words are not distinctly heard. The dholak –like rhythms suit the mood of this song. Haunting.

Madha un...

Vocals: Madhumita.
Lyrics: Vaali.

A tiny number set to native rhythms. Must be his own old hit.

Vocals: Madhu Balakrishnan.
Lyrics: Ilayaraja.

The cry of a deeply anguished soul in search of lasting peace. Sung with lovely 'vinayam' by Madhu Balakrishnan. Again some pleasing tabla work. Is that the guitar that is made to sound like the 'tundana' that the mendicants use? Adds a startling touch. The violin and the flute sangatis too flow along as if afraid to break the pensive mood of the number itself. Looks like Mayamalavagowla, but could be Vagulabaranam raga too.

Amma Un Pillai...

Vocals: Sadhana Sargam.

Lyrics: Vaali.

The same mettu of song no.3, but notice the different feel of the rhythm—here it is all tabla. Again a sober number, that of a woman crying out against loneliness. Also observe how the dramatic violin sangatis are quietly set off by soothing notes from the veena and other instruments. You get to hear guitar and keys too. Clear articulation from Sadhana.

Oru Kaatril...
Vocals: Ilayaraja.

Lyrics: Vaali.

A repetition of song no.2, with very few changes in lyrics. Ilayaraja sounds flatter after you hear Shreya. At least he has articulated the words well.


The songs look very purposeful and thankfully not frivolous. The theme of the movie itself is obviously a serious one, going by the mood the album conveys. Of course there's nothing new or striking here, but there is an indefinable mellowness about the music itself. Frill-free and polished Ilayaraja stuff!

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