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1977 1977
Music review By Malathy Sundaram
Produced under the Sarath Kumar banner, this movie is directed by debutant director G.N.Dineshkumar. It has been shot partly in Malaysia and Langkawi and has Sarath doing double roles as well as six makeovers! Three heroines are listed in the movie—Farzana, Namitha and Jayasudha.We have Vivek and Radha Ravi too. The story is that of a man who attempts to correct history after 30 years. The movie is expected to be an action –packed one with a social message too. Vidyasagar, our own melody maker has composed 5 songs for it.

Yenathu Uyire...

Sadhana Sargam, Madhu Balakrishnan.
Lyrics: Jeyantha

Soft soothing lyrics, lilting notes from Sadhana( a trifle shrill?) and as-good-as-ever singing from Madhu Balakrishnan make this song nice to listen to. The musical interludes are flitting and soft too-in spite of the use of keys, guitar and rhythms. The raga feels like Hamsadvani but you hear the ‘ma’ swara too!

Hawaii Theevil...

Vocals: KK, Sowmya Rao.

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

Everything about this song is breezy and lighthearted—the lyrics, guitars, keys, vocal humming and drums. As the song unfolds you visualize grass skirts, flower garlands and colourful shirts. A snappy dance number, probably! And good to listen to.

Vangha Kadal...
Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan.

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar.

Appears to be a song of the fisherfolk. The ‘elelo’ , the guitar notes that go ‘sa sa sa;ri ri ri; ga,ga,ga;ri ri ri’ at the start and the pleasant vocal humming from the ladies which goes’ ma ni pa ga pa ma ga ma ga sa’ all give you the feel of ‘wavy’ movement. A folksy use of the Kapi raga here,with enthusiastic singing from Shankar Mahadevan. Good lyrics from Muthukumar.

Ore Oru...

Vocals: Vijay Yesudas, Krithika.
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

A very trendy number, this – quite an impish output from Vidyasagar. The violin, guitar, and keys rapidly interweave with one another to varying rhythms. Notice how the song picks up speed smoothly in the second half, reminding you of dance music of Europe. Sung with aplomb by both the singers. This stylish number could be a hit.

Arabhi Kadal...
Vocals: Sunitha Saradhy
Lyrics: Pa.Vijay.

Don’t know why, but this song strongly reminds you of Vasundara Das’s rendering of ‘Kichu Kichu’ for Aegan. A seduction number and well put together of course, but not an original tune.


Don’t look for routine Vidyasagar stuff this time. This album is slick and unfussy and the songs appear to be just a diversion. But there is an understated stylishness about the whole thing.

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