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Interview Team : Kaushik L M
On the day of Vanakkam Chennai’s music release, we present to you an exclusive interview with the sensational Anirudh Ravichander, the new darling of the Tamil music world. Check out his candid responses to a whole gamut of questions about his film career and life in general.

Do you feel the pressure of expectations now that 3 and Ethir Neechal have become back to back chartbusters? Or are you enjoying this expectation?

In my musical career for the past one and a half years, there has been immense expectation and pressure from day one. But my music comes from the heart. So all the pressures are wiped away.

Fans really seem to like your BGM work too, for 3 and Ethir Neechal. The release of Ethir Neechal's BGM soundtrack in YouTube was met with great response. Whose idea was it and will you continue this trend for your other BGMs as well?

I always feel that the background score is most important for a film as it is a great challenge to match the vision of a director.  I put in atleast 2 months of work on the background score of a film. I thought it would be a new trend in releasing the score as I had received a lot of love for the same. So I told Sony and they obliged. Very happy that it has been received so well.

Any memorable compliments that you received in this past 1 year for your chartbuster music?

Every compliment from every single person is equally important to me. Very glad that people respect my musicality and have developed a taste towards my sound.

The big Vijay - Murugadoss film that you have signed must be a big dream fulfilled indeed. What are your plans on the music of this grand film?

Yes. It is a huge leap for my career. I’ve made it a habit to work harder on every song I make and give my best to every single song. It is undoubtedly one of the most expected projects in cinema now. My aim is to satisfy both the fans of Ilayathalapathy and music lovers in general.

My aim is to satisfy both the fans of Ilayathalapathy and music lovers

Recently, you commented that you are a Thala Ajith fan. Do you see all his movies in the theatre on the first day?

Mostly yes. I watch most movies on the first day with my friends to gauge the pulse of the audience and I always loved cinema since I’m from such a big film family. But nowadays, it’s difficult to do that because of the recognition involved. But frankly, I miss the old carefree teenager Anirudh who could just go, whistle and enjoy a film in the first day.

You missed the Ajith - Siruthai Siva film, we believe. Can you tell us why this project didn't work out?

I was approached to score music for the film and I was in Bombay working on the final mix of Ethir Neechal. As time was a constraint, the project didn’t work out.

I was approached to score for Ajith’s film

You have said that Vanakkam Chennai is your best work till date. What can fans expect from the music?

Vanakkam Chennai's audio is very close to my heart. I personally worked on this album for the past 1 year and I’m very happy with the output. It will be an album with 7 songs, each of a different genre. It was great to see the viral reception for just the song teasers. Hope it turns out to be a hat trick for me :) I’m quite nervous yet excited.

Your comments on your frequent work with rappers and hip hop singers such as Hip Hop Tamizha, Honey Singh and even a singer from UK called Arjun.

I love collaborating with artists as it not only brings a whiff of freshness but also musical ideas are new and we grow together as musicians. That is the reason I used Hip Hop Tamizha, Honey Singh, Arjun etc. A track called Chennai City Gangsta from Vanakkam Chennai will feature UK Rapper Hard Kaur with Adhi and myself.

How happy are you about the success of your buddy Siva Karthikeyan?

He is a close friend and the both of us started our film career around the same time. I’m very happy to see him where he is now and sincerely hope he reaches greater heights. It is always great to grow as a team and we are genuinely happy for each other.

Your other future films? Are you doing the Dhanush - KV Anand film?

Vanakkam Chennai, Untitled Selvaraghavan sir project, Maan Karate, A project with Dhanush, A.R. Murugadoss sir and Ilayathalapathy's untitled project, Ethir Neechal team's untitled project and two projects in Hindi which I will announce soon.

Why didn't you sign on for Aishwarya's Vai Raja Vai, that too after your outstanding work in her ‘3’

It was a joint decision because of the time constraint and the fact that I am also working on Selva sir’s project around the same time. We will work together again for sure. Always thankful for giving a then 20 year old Anirudh such a break through '3'. That’s why I’m here today.

Your experience singing for Imman and do you intend to use other composers as singers for your songs?

It was a pleasant experience and he was somehow confident that the song was for me to sing. I enjoyed singing it. It was an intro song for Gautham Karthik. Yes, Bollywood composer Vishal Dadlani and I have sung a song together called Oh Penne in Vanakkam Chennai.

Imman was confident that the song was for me

Your favourites among your contemporaries and your inspirations

I like the work of a lot of new people in the industry. I personally think there is a new batch of super talented musicians now which is great for the ever-evolving music world.

Any offers from other languages such as Telugu and Hindi?

Yes a lot. But as I said, I make it a point to put in extra effort in every song in order to make the whole album a hit. Happy it has worked till now. So time constraints don’t allow me to take up everything. I also need to be inspired and challenged with the script in order for me to raise the bar personally.

Are you doing the Chennai 28 Hindi remake? Who is the director?

I’ve been approached for the Chennai 28 remake in Hindi and I will confirm the news very soon.

Your wishes on the occasion of Yuvan's completion of 100 films.

It is a great achievement indeed. Kudos and congratulations to him for the same. I wish he goes on to do another hundred :)

I wish Yuvan goes on to do another  100

About your acting plans? Did Superstar Rajini advice you regarding this?

Though he is my uncle and my biggest well-wisher, he never advices me on what to do. That is yet another great quality in him that I admire.

Uncle Rajini is my biggest well-wisher

About your dear friend Dhanush's emergence as a National level acting sensation with Raanjhanaa, and his 2 recent Filmfare Awards?

It is thoroughly deserved. His hard work and dedication has reaped huge rewards. Really happy for him.

Did you feel bad about missing out on the Filmfare for Best Music with 3?

Not at all. I've already got more awards and accolades than I’ve deserved for 3. It is the sole reason I have reached this place in my career so fast. And i sincerely felt that Imman deserved it for Kumki and it was high time that his years of good work were recognised.

Do you indulge in all the happening things that other 22 year olds do? Or do you miss out on such fun due to your busy work life?

I do miss my old carefree life. Recognition and responsibilities are really high in this new life. But it is the price you have to pay to be successful in showbiz and I understood that. I still meet my school class mates and have the same fun now and then.

Finally, a big personal thank you to all of you for such love towards my music. Promise to continue making music from the heart and keep raising the bar. Do check out Vanakkam Chennai and let me know if you like it :)

I miss my old carefree life



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