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Review By : Release Date : Mar 25,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 12 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Balaji Kapa Cast: Ashwin Kakumanu, Sshivada Direction: Shiv Mohaa Screenplay: Shiv Mohaa Story: Shiv Mohaa Music: Nivas Prasanna Background score: Nivas Prasanna Cinematography: IE Babu Kumar Editing: R Sudharsan Art direction: S Rajamohan

Zero is a supernatural abstract tale of two lovers who struggle to be together. It rewrites Adam and Eve’s basic mythology and is a mix of reality and dreams. The intimate scenes between the lead couple deserve a mention while the groundwork gone into the story making tags along with it.


Gautham Menon’s voice-over for the mythological portions deserves a mention. The storyline transits between numerous worlds which becomes a little difficult to comprehend. Ashwin plays the role of a loving husband, who doesn’t want to let his wife down no matter what kind of hurdles the couple faces. He is smart, elegant and is custom made husband material. As a shy and dutiful housewife Sshivada is beautiful. Showcasing a wide range of emotions, she has delivered her best. JD Chakravarthy is a peripheral character and manages to make heads turn with his unique sense of humor, attitude and body language.


Nivas emerges triumphant with a beautiful background scores that try to not let down the narration. The lighting is subtle and soft. Cinematography by Babu Kumar has been done picturesquely while the everyday locations and casual costumes manage to capture attention. Nothing fancy and unfeasible which make the characters easy to relate with. The editor has done a decent job by mapping together real scenes that are heavily layered with CG work.


Talking about the universal symphony of love and hatred, this story also spotlights the connection between souls from physical intimacy. What’s confusing is the fact that it’s not entirely fictitious nor it is reality in general. The gear shifting may not go down well with the general audience. Each of its worlds is governed by independent rules and dynamics that stir confusion and restlessness. Leisurely paced screenplay is Zero’s other disadvantage.


Zero is a venture that is made with a lot of sensualism, religion and love. It deserves a watch for the efforts that the team has put into it. Though there are scenes where one might question the laws of science, the fictitious story overrides those questions.

Verdict: Good Research, Strong Music, but a complicated Screenplay.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )
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Zero (aka) Zero

Zero (aka) Zero is a Tamil movie with production by Balaji Kapa, direction by Shiv Mohaa, cinematography by IE Babu Kumar, editing by R Sudharsan. The cast of Zero (aka) Zero includes Ashwin Kakumanu, Sshivada.