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Production: Sri Thenandal Films Cast: Santhanam Direction: Rambhala Screenplay: Rambhala Story: Rambhala Music: S.S.Thaman Background score: Karthik Raja Cinematography: Deepak Kumar Padhy Editing: Gopi Krishna Art direction: A.R.Mohan Stunt choreography: Hari Dinesh

Santhanam is back as the lead hero, after Inime Ippadithan, with none other than his close friend and popular television spoof show director Rambhala. Has the film managed to make the audience laugh and scare as promised in the teasers and trailers? Read on to know.


Kumar (Santhanam), is an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga, who gets entangled in a problematic situation in a bungalow, along with his family and also fiancee Kajal’s (Shanaya) family. What problem are they stuck up in? Are they able to overcome that?  Watch the film to know the answers for all these questions.


The storyline is very thin, but the screenplay is decently engaging especially in the second half, thanks to the wonderful combination of director Rambhala and Santhanam. The love portions look unnatural and the heroic build up shots for Santhanam are quite unrealistic in the first half. The initial minutes of the movie are uninteresting, and the momentum picks up only during the pre-interval block, which sets the base for an engaging second half. However, the sangeet song in the second half serves as a speedbreaker.


One liners like “Sethavanga laam aavi aagirupangale, avangallam andha pei ah pazhi vangalaya? Badhil therila la… Hollywood la pei padam edukravanukku kooda idhuku badhil theriyadhu da” and “Pei 12 maniku varum nradha 11.45 ku solla nee varuviya” are examples for situational counter dialogues. There are lots more in the film.


Santhanam has highly improved as a lead hero, and his comedy timings are sure to tickle your bones. He has a great screen presence and his hard work is very much seen on screen. Debutant Shanaya has given a decent performance, but her lip sync is a problem. These days, it is hard to find a film without Motta Rajendran. Though he has appeared in a whole lot of films this year, this will be a memorable outing for him in recent times. The scenes involving him and his team, along with Santhanam are a hilarious combination to watch out for.


Deepak Kumar Padhy’s visuals give us the eerie feel during night scenes, and pleasantness in daylight scenes. Thaman’s songs are average, but his background score is appreciable for the fact that it manages to hook up the audience in scary scenes. Horror films like these need a good production design to make the audience believe that the house is haunted. A.R.Mohan and his team have given their best in that. Gopi Krishna’s cuts serve a good purpose, as jump cuts are a main factor in a horror movie.

Though director Rambhala has prior experience in writing and directing TV Shows, this is his first feature film as a director. He has solely concentrated on making the audience laugh and has succeeded in that. His dialogues are worth mentioning, but the laughter moments are comparatively less in the first half of the movie. One might feel that the director could have worked more on the story and comedy portions which could have rendered a better feel about the movie.


Verdict: A decent one time watch that manages to make the audience laugh out loud at many places.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )
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Dhilluku Dhuddu (aka) Dhillukku Dhuddu

Dhilluku Dhuddu (aka) Dhillukku Dhuddu is a Tamil movie with production by Sri Thenandal Films, direction by Rambhala, cinematography by Deepak Kumar Padhy, editing by Gopi Krishna. The cast of Dhilluku Dhuddu (aka) Dhillukku Dhuddu includes Santhanam.