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Production: Prim Pictures Cast: Guru Somasundaram, Kreshna, Prakash Raj, Swathi Reddy Direction: Kuzhandhai Velappan Screenplay: Kuzhandhai Velappan Story: Kuzhandhai Velappan Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja Cinematography: Sathya Ponmar Dialogues: Kuzhandhai Velappan Editing: V.J.Sabu Joseph Singers: Chinmayi, Dhanush, Tanvi Shah, Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar, Pa. Vijay, Vignesh ShivN PRO: Suresh Chandra

The Yatchan pair Krishna - Swathi are back again with another film, this time with the backing up of strong performers like Prakash Raj and Guru Somasundaram. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical melodies and the trailer had set up a good buzz for the film.

The film has two different stories which have a common connection between each other. Prakash Raj is an honest and genuine cop, who is involved in the investigation of a murder. On the other hand, there is Krishna and Swathi, the college going lovers. All these characters meet each other at one point of time. Why do they meet and how are they associated with each other? Watch the film to know the answer.

The film is all about the medical scam and the marketing business involved in the medicinal field. The premise is very much promising, and the writing of the core plot has been decent. The romantic portion is where the film slips off. Most of the scenes involving Krishna and Swathi are uninteresting and do not add significant value to the movie’s subject. Prakash Raj - Guru Somasundaram portions are impressive, but even that, when it reaches the end, adds to our worry.

The National Anthem scene in the first half needs a special mention, as it looks like the director has made an ample effort to study about the deaf and dumb students. Had these romance portions been cut off and concentrated more on the crime part, we would have witnessed an uncompromised, intriguing medical crime thriller. Though the ending is intended to be impactful and substantial, it isn’t.

Krishna, as the lead hero, has two different shades in his character, which gives him high scope to emote. He smiles in all of his combination scenes with Swathi, which could have been avoided. Swathi looks much prettier than usual, and she has more scenes in this film compared to her previous ventures. Prakash Raj’s experience speaks for his performance. The ace actor makes no mistake and easily fits in the role of a cop. It would be a surprise to see Guru Somasundaram in a role with a negative shade. We know what kind of a performer he is. He has delivered his best, but his English accent is quite awkward and doesn’t suit his style.

Yuvan’s songs are very pleasing, but the background score isn’t that impactful. Right from the very first shot, throughout the film, the visuals maintain a style, and the selection of colors are noteworthy. An appreciable work from cinematographer Sathya Ponmar. Sabu Joseph’s scissors could have been utilized intelligently, as the suspense factor in the film doesn’t last for longer duration. There are lip sync issues here and there, which could have been concentrated.

Kulandai Velappan’s writing is good and his idea to make a romantic crime thriller involving medical scam is commendable, as it is a road, not-much-taken. On the downside, the narration could have been much more effective and straightforward, which would have helped the film's engagement.

Verdict: An averagely made medical crime thriller that engages only in parts


2 5 ( 2.0 / 5.0 )







Review by : Behindwoods Review Board Album Release Date : Oct 13,2016

Yaakkai is an upcoming entertainer starring Krishna, Swathi Reddy and Prakash Raj in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.


Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

The album begins on a laid back note with the vocals of the composer Yuvan himself equipped with acoustic guitar and mild string section. The song is an ideal road trip melody which takes the listener to a contemporary trip filled with the wholesomeness of modern sounds. The interludes create a pleasant musical ambiance but the techno sounds dominate the scene abruptly.

Solli Tholaiyen Ma

Singer: Dhanush

Lyrics: Vignesh ShivN

A typical Yuvan style track with Hip-Hop beats and modern soundings and Dhanush’s voice gives the much-needed star value to it. The song is quite interesting with the advent of melodious usage of interludes in the midst of trendy flute and digital loops. Interestingly, the song is based on Carnatic Raga Nata Bhairavi!

Naan Ini Kaatril

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Chinmayi

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

A relaxing melody with soothing grand piano and Chinmayi’s vocals blend effortlessly with the orchestration. Pa.Vijay’s lyrics are poetic to the core and the chord progression of the song deserves a special mention. The song creates a blissful ambiance throughout with a tinge of surprise element having trance beats in between.


Singers: Tanvi Shah

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

An eerie solo in the sultry vocals of Tanvi Shah paves the way for a fitting finale. The chord progression is quite unexpected with sudden turnovers in the tune. The symphonic strings blend brilliantly with harmonica throughout the composition. It is indeed an amazing finale for a breezy album.

Verdict: Yaakkai is a feel good album from Yuvan Shankar Raja with the right dose of fast paced songs and melodies.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )

Yaakkai (aka) Yakkai

Yaakkai (aka) Yakkai is a Tamil movie. Guru Somasundaram, Kreshna, Prakash Raj, Swathi Reddy are part of the cast of Yaakkai (aka) Yakkai. The movie is directed by Kuzhandhai Velappan. Music is by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Production by Prim Pictures, cinematography by Sathya Ponmar, editing by V.J.Sabu Joseph.