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Review By : Release Date : Mar 04,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 10 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Vijay Antony Film Corporation Cast: Satna Titus, Vijay Antony Direction: Sasi Screenplay: Sasi Story: Sasi Music: Vijay Antony Background score: Vijay Antony Cinematography: Prasanna Kumar Dialogues: Sasi Editing: Veera Senthil Raj Art direction: Anand Mani Stunt choreography: R Sakthi Saravanan Lyrics: Annamalai, Eknath, Logan, Priyan PRO: Suresh Chandra

First kiss is special! Nevertheless, it is pivotal that every kiss that succeeds it must better the previous one. Else, you are looking at instability enveloping the relationship. Every film represents a director's relationship with his audiences. And with every success the expectation grows.

Has director Sasi treated his audiences with the same intensity of anticipation that they have shown him? Read on...

Pichaikkaran is a tale overflowing with emotions. To what length will a loving son go to save his mother is the essence of this Sasi's story.

Vijay Antony as a millionaire and a beggar shows minimal differences through his performance. The awkwardness as a beggar that he depicts in the beginning is noteworthy, though. While all seems good with his performance in the beginning, it starts to get monotonous with his subtlety. Satna Titus adds drama to the tale and so does the rest of the supporting cast.

Pichaikkaran also has  truck load of bad guys and all of them lack solid purpose. The core reason as to why Vijay Antony becomes a beggar also looks frail. The romance is farfetched and the overall dealing is overdramatic.

Suiting the melodrama is Vijay Antony's songs and BGM. The lack of silences only achieves in showing the desperation of the makers to take the drama to the audiences. While the editing sits just apt, the cinematography also contributes to the director's indulgence in drama. The song that shows around the poor state of the beggars was more like trying too hard to emphasize on the struggles visually rather than plainly projecting the truth.

While it is very respectable of Sasi to put forth the real life episode of a noble man on the wide screen, the over-exaggerations end up over cooking the broth. The multiple distractions from the thread don't keep the audiences engaged too.

Overall, Pichaikkaran has an interesting storyline dealt with a bit too much drama to handle.

Verdict: Excessive exaggerations and lack of depth in the dealing make Pichaikkaran not an easy affair
( 2.25 / 5.0 )
By Behindwoods Review Board
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Pichaikaaran (aka) Pitchaikkaran

Pichaikaaran (aka) Pitchaikkaran is a Tamil movie with production by Vijay Antony Film Corporation, direction by Sasi, cinematography by Prasanna Kumar, editing by Veera Senthil Raj. The cast of Pichaikaaran (aka) Pitchaikkaran includes Satna Titus, Vijay Antony.