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Pichaikaaran is a big hit in Tollywood as well

Vijay Antony’s acting career is turning out to be highly successful with all his 4 releases till now, making a mark at the box office; his last release Pichaikaaran turning to be the biggest out of the lot. The film enjoyed very good word of mouth and turned to be one of the most profitable ventures of the year.


The Telugu version of Pichaikaaran titled Bichagadu which was released on the 13th of May has also been getting some great response. When we spoke to Vijay Antony’s camp regarding this, they told us “We have been getting some great response from Telugu market. Being a dubbed film, the distributors did very little promotions for the film but after the release, they were surprised with the response and have started to increase the promotions. Ever since the release, 1 or 2 screens have been added every day. Even this week in spite of releases like Brahmotsavam, Bichagadu is holding its fort well. Many theatre owners who screened the film have called us to congratulate and they also want to host a success meet for Bichagadu.”


When we inquired if Vijay Antony has any plans of making a bilingual now that he has established a name in Tollywood as well, they said “Yes, probably after the release of Yeman, Vijay Antony might do a bilingual but it is a little too early to say at this point”.


About Saithan’s release plans?

“Auraa Cinemas  have acquired the release rights of Saithan and the release date would be their call. As of now, July end is a possibility. Saithan would be a commercial film which will have everything that a commoner would expect. Though the poster and title could be scary it would be a film for everyone; action, comedy, thrills, it has everything.”

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Pichaikaaran is a big hit in Tollywood as well

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