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Production: Miracle Pictures Cast: A.VENKATESH, Aadhi, Abinaya, Baby Sathanya, Hamsa, Kishore, Palani, Ramakrishna, Ruthu Direction: Michael Arun Screenplay: Michael Arun Story: Michael Arun Music: Shawn Jazeel Background score: Shawn Jazeel Cinematography: S.J.Star Dialogues: Michael Arun Editing: Lawrence Kishore Art direction: John Britto PRO: Yuvraaj

Nisabdham is a story that revolves around a family that faces a hard-hitting, emotionally disturbing incident.


The movie stands tall for handling a bold core plot Child Abuse. Based on a true incident that honestly discusses the core plot without any commercial distraction, Nisabdham is good for Tamil Cinema.


The movie is carried by minimal characters and is more dialogue driven. The lead actors Abhinaya and Ajay are the key roles to the script, but their performances could have been more natural and intense. They have not emoted enough to convey the pain of the parents who have faced a hard-hitting incident. On the other hand, baby Sadhanya who has played the role of the victim of child abuse has pulled it off very well. She has scored well with just her emotions brilliantly at many places and holds the script well at important sequences.


Even though the movie's core plot revolves around child abuse, a very disturbing subject, it is not preachy at any point. Debut director Michael Arun has to be appreciated for handling this script with a good level of clarity and the way he has addressed the aftermath of child abuse incident is very mature. The story happens in Bengaluru and is based on a true incident as said earlier. Apart from few lip-sync issues, the Kannada dialogues at places make the film lose its nativity. A few scenes like the father's introduction and a scene in which he approaches the convict, look a bit unnatural.


Though the technical team of the film is full of fresh talents, the visuals by S.J.Star are pleasing and promising. Lawrence Kishore has edited the movie neat and has kept the right pace for this genre. In this very serious emotional drama, Shawn Jazeel's background score elevates several important sequences with wonderful essence of emotions. Indeed a good debut for this music composer! The lyrics of late Na Muthukumar blend with the story line extremely well and the song 'Un Idhayathin Kural' is a piece of motivation and deserves a special mention.


With a realistic approach, the film answers many questions of the common public regarding child abuse, the parental pressure and the trauma associated with it. It also talks about ideologies and the role of parents in bringing up their children. Most importantly, it talks about the role of the family in supporting an abuse victim with much clarity.


The screenplay of the movie might test the patience for a few, but apt for this genre. The makers deserve a huge appreciation for delivering a straight forward movie that documents true events without additional masala for the sake of entertaining us. Taking the recent happenings in our society, Nisabdham has a noble message and is a must watch for parents but not recommend for kids, as the film could incur unnecessary fears in them and would require a level of maturity to understand the crux of it

Verdict: Nisabdham, is an emotional drama and a must watch for all parents.


2.75 5 ( 2.75 / 5.0 )






Nisabdham (aka) Nisabtham

Nisabdham (aka) Nisabtham is a Tamil movie. A.VENKATESH, Aadhi, Abinaya, Baby Sathanya, Hamsa, Kishore, Palani, Ramakrishna, Ruthu are part of the cast of Nisabdham (aka) Nisabtham. The movie is directed by Michael Arun. Music is by Shawn Jazeel. Production by Miracle Pictures, cinematography by S.J.Star, editing by Lawrence Kishore and art direction by John Britto.