Review By : Release Date : Aug 19,2016 Movie Run Time : 2hrs 20minutes Censor Rating : U/A

Production: Golden Friday Films Cast: Santhanam, Srikanth, Sunaina Direction: Ganeshaa Screenplay: Ganeshaa Story: Ganeshaa Music: Vijay Antony Background score: Vijay Antony Cinematography: M.S. Prabhu Dialogues: Ganeshaa Editing: Vivek Harshan Art direction: T Santhanam Stunt choreography: Dilip Subbarayan Dance choreography: Bobby, Kalyan, Radhika, Sheriff Lyrics: Madhan Karky, Viveka



Ramachandran (Srikanth) has a mix of positive and negative thoughts just like any other normal person in Nambiyaar. What’s exciting and new with this plot is that the negative thought Nambiyaar gets a figure in the form of Santhanam. Whenever the hero progresses to do something, the negative thought influences him and makes his life miserable. This cat and mouse game between the duo is what Nambiyaar all about. Does this game have an end? The film gives the answer with a neat message about life in the end.


Direction and Screenplay


Having Santhanam on board, one will surely expect high humor quotient in the film, which is spilled over at many places. Director Ganeshaa has written a creative story, with a good amount of experimentation. The screenplay is engaging in the first half with humor and a different romance portion. But the latter half is slightly less engaging, due to elongated  scenes. Especially the initial few minutes post interval might test your patience. Life is filled with both positive and negative things, but how you see them is what matters. The director has made sure this message of his, is conveyed in a light- hearted manner. Though the film has been in the box for many months, the audience might be able to relate to it with current trends, as the dialogues and scenes do not seem old.




Srikanth has been selective in doing his films, and this film is a good choice. He has improved very much with his acting skills. His combination with Santhanam works at many places. Not just Santhanam, but also with others. Sunaina has been missing in the field for past two years since Vanmam, (not considering Theri’s role as cameo) but seeing her back on the silver screen is delightful. She travels throughout the film and has given a decent performance. John Vijay, Delhi Ganesh, Jayaprakash, Subbu Panchu, Devadarshini and others do justice to their respective roles.



Thoongum Penne song works a little better than all others in the film. Vijay Antony’s background score is supportive of the film. M.S.Prabhuu’s visuals are decent and portray the Chennai city beautifully. The video songs are also creatively done. Costume designer Vandana Srikanth needs a special mention because, even the costumes support the core plot of the movie. You can see Srikanth and Santhanam wearing same costumes throughout the film, as Santhanam is Srikanth’s negative thought. Good amount of creative thought process has gone through the minds of the technical team.

Verdict: A creative plot that could do with a better engagement factor


( 2.5 / 5.0 )
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Nambiar (aka) Nambiyaar

Nambiar (aka) Nambiyaar is a Tamil movie with production by Golden Friday Films, direction by Ganeshaa, cinematography by M.S. Prabhu, editing by Vivek Harshan. The cast of Nambiar (aka) Nambiyaar includes Santhanam, Srikanth, Sunaina.