Review By : Release Date : Aug 12,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 42 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: M.B. Babu Cast: Mukesh Tiwari, Nasser, Nithya Menen, Sai Ravi, Sudeep Direction: K.S. Ravikumar Screenplay: K.S. Ravikumar Story: K.S. Ravikumar Music: D Imman Background score: D Imman Cinematography: Rajarathinam Dialogues: KS Ravikumar Editing: Praveen Antony Art direction: Lalgudi Ilayaraja Stunt choreography: Kanal Kannan Lyrics: Madhan Karky Distribution: Rockline Venkatesh

Good and bad are subjective topics and various vantages might confuse us further as to what is good or bad. That is probably why the master entertainer KS Ravikumar has taken a subject that doesn't speak about the battle of good and evil. Instead, he has a tale of a battle between the bad and the worse, in Mudinja Ivana Pudi. 

As the title suggests, Mudinja Ivana Pudi is a chase story. But like the chicken and the egg mystery, the movie keeps you guessing as to who chases whom - the worse seeks the bad or the bad chases the worse? They all keep running in a circle, and who in the end keeps his chair is the thread that the director has used to keep his audience tied.

There's a reason Kichcha Sudeep is loved so much by the Kannada industry. Watch out for the magic and style he churns out through the characters Shiva and Sathyam, that he plays. A few style patterns and dialogues that KS Ravikumar has entrusted Sudeep with are Rajinikanth-esque in nature and it takes a man with a superior knack for entertaining crowd to pull them off so convincingly. Sudeep pulls the crowd to his side right from the beginning.

Nithya Menen plays a strong, but seen-a-lot kind of female lead and she does it very well. Sai Ravi, who plays a dirty cop is another great strength for the film. With him being one of the main men involved in the big chase, he creates a lot of tension to help the film run fast. Nasser, Mukesh Tiwari, Sarath Lohitashwa, Satish and Prakash Raj support the film well. Special mention to Satish; despite the limited scope, he does give a few good tickles.

As far as the technicalities, Imman’s songs would have been enjoyable, had they not been so forcibly inserted. Background scores, on the contrary contributes well in the few horripilating moments in the movie.

Cinematographer Rajarathinam has strictly stuck to the old grammar of framing, with his multitudes of low angles for the hero. Editing is a bit let down as it hardly meets the present day standards. The push transitions and harsh, rapid cuts are old, put to rest techniques. 

Mudinja Ivana Pudi has a solid story. But KS Ravikumar has treated it with the same old commercial formula that the industry has been trying to cut down on. Yet, the film is as entertaining as any of KS Ravikumar's many good movies. The film gradually develops the thrills and suspense in the first half and leaves the audiences full of adrenalin during the interval block. The second half takes its time though, with more drama, sentiments and romance playing their parts. The film however picks up pace again towards the end.

The movie on the whole is a decent entertainer high on suspense. But a few more minutes of chopping might have made a bigger impact.

Verdict: Mudinja Ivana Pudi is a classic KS Ravikumar, loaded with heroics, drama, thrills, comedy and an energetic performance from Sudeep


( 2.5 / 5.0 )
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Mudinja Ivana Pudi (aka) Mudincha Ivana Pidi

Mudinja Ivana Pudi (aka) Mudincha Ivana Pidi is a Tamil movie with production by M.B. Babu, direction by K.S. Ravikumar, cinematography by Rajarathinam, editing by Praveen Antony. The cast of Mudinja Ivana Pudi (aka) Mudincha Ivana Pidi includes Mukesh Tiwari, Nasser, Nithya Menen, Sai Ravi, Sudeep.