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Review By : Release Date : May 20,2016 Movie Run Time : 1 hour 56 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Relax Adds Production Cast: Akshara, Viswanth Direction: Kalyan Kumar Screenplay: Kalyan Kumar Story: Kalyan Kumar Music: Pavan Kumar Background score: Pavan Kumar Cinematography: Jemin Jom Ayyaneth

Kadha Solla Porom is director S Kalyan’s debut directorial. The film banks majorly on child actors namely, Shibana, Arvind Ragunath and Ravina among others. The other important roles are played by Aadukalam Naren, Kaali Venkat, Vijayalakshmi, Akshara, Arjun,and Jenny. Music has been composed by Pawan.

The plot focuses mainly on four friends, Priya, Arun, Anita and Arjun who live in an orphanage. While living happily together as a family inside the orphanage, each one of them is yearning for parental care. This is clearly set up to be the premise of the story. While the narrative takes on a comic ride with Kaali Venkat, the four friends and their rival team of kids in a summer camp, a subplot wherein actors Naren and Vijayalakshmi search for their stolen baby also interweaves. A carefully crafted ending of the film leaves majority of the audience wiping their tears.

The director’s merit in this film has to be stated as the maintenance of flow in the screenplay. Like a smooth swimmer, the story dips momentarily into a necessary pool of emotion and immediately comes back into the open and catches breath. Great care has been taken by the director to balance humour and drama, emotion and entertainment in the film. That he has extracted entertaining comedy from the kids is a feather upon his cap.

The children carry out their roles very naturally. At important junctures, the movie would have lost its touch if it weren’t for the sincere performances of Shibana, Raveena and Arvind who play the role of Priya, Anitha and Arun respectively. The other child artistes have also played their parts professionally. BGM is apt for the genre.

Verdict for the movie seems to be a tug of war with seamless storyline and distinctive acting on one side and a low production value on the other side. The movie would have had more force and impact, had it been allowed more allowance from the treasury. Though a vague familiarity to the story crosses the mind, Kadha Solla Porom team has given out an engaging Kadhai.

Overall, Kadha Solla Porom, the movie has done what the title promises. If one is ready to drop dissimilarities towards emotional rides, the movie is an engaging eye opener.

Verdict: Kadhai Solla Porom - Does what the title promises with a strong climax
( 2.5 / 5.0 )
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Kadha Solla Porom (aka) Katha Solla Porom

Kadha Solla Porom (aka) Katha Solla Porom is a Tamil movie with production by Relax Adds Production, direction by Kalyan Kumar, cinematography by Jemin Jom Ayyaneth. The cast of Kadha Solla Porom (aka) Katha Solla Porom includes Akshara, Viswanth.