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Review By : Release Date : May 13,2016 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 04 minutes Censor Rating : U

Production: Elred Kumar, Jayaraman Cast: Bobby Simha, Nikki Galrani, Prakash Raj Direction: Sarath Screenplay: Sarath Story: Sarath Music: Leon James Background score: Leon James Cinematography: Philip R Sundar Editing: Kevin

Making a movie is quite a gamble. Most of the times the creator presumes that the audience will be on the same page as he/she is during the course of narration but sometimes the viewer is slipped into not just a different page but into a different book altogether. The first few minutes of Ko 2 starring Bobby Simha and Nikki Galrani might face this problem.


When universally, filmmakers and theories have proved that the initial moments are the crucial ones which lead to nailing the audience onto their seats, here we see filmmaker Sarath taking a gamble. For anybody to appreciate this film, he/she needs to wait until the last second of the film. That's how the story has been structured. At the same time the threat of losing audience’s attention or even audience themselves during the interval is plausible.


Bobby Simha playing the lead surely reflects sincerity in attempting to render a convincing performance. But somewhere due to his foreign pronunciations or out of track hero appeals (here and there) he makes the acceptance difficult. But as you approach the tail end, the intelligence in the tale camouflages all these flaws. Nikki Galrani taking the lead as heroine does a neat job but again please don't be annoyed with her in the first half, solutions arrive in the end. Balasaravanan does a good job and has an extended and significant role to play in this drama. Prakash Raj walks us through his character without any difficulty. By now he will be able play such roles even in the sleep. Ilavarasu has an interesting part and he pulls it off well. Special mention for actor Karunakaran, who has attempted to play a serious role and has subsequently suceeded too.


Few dialogues are very powerful but at the same time few dialogues mouthed by John Vijay should have been monitored as the intonation or the modulation is very poor. The narrator should have considered teasing about all the important elements of the story that are going to be revealed in the second half during the first half. This would have elevated the expectation level or at least the interest level of the viewer.


Ko 2 does not instantly make you hit the ‘like’ button like the previous outing Ko. And it should be noted that this isn't a sequel to Ko but only another part of the Ko franchise. There is merely only one dialogue reference from the previous part.


Leon James’ songs have already served the purpose with respect to grabbing attention to this film prior to its release. One might actually yearn that the songs could have been placed and used more wisely. Work behind the camera, the editing and the BGM are functional. Neat work in terms of production value.


To cut to the point, one can appreciate Ko 2 only if he has the patience to sit through the entire film. The decision totally lies in the viewer’s hand and the command from the narrator is missing.


Verdict: Strong second half makes Ko 2 watchable.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )
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Ko 2 (aka) Ko 2

Ko 2 (aka) Ko 2 is a Tamil movie with production by Elred Kumar, Jayaraman, direction by Sarath, cinematography by Philip R Sundar, editing by Kevin. The cast of Ko 2 (aka) Ko 2 includes Bobby Simha, Nikki Galrani, Prakash Raj.