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Production: Shibu Thameens Cast: Nayanthara, Nithya Menon, Vikram Direction: Anand Shankar Screenplay: Anand Shankar Story: Anand Shankar Music: Harris Jayaraj Background score: Harris Jayaraj Cinematography: RD Rajashekar

Iru Mugan is an upcoming action flick starring Chiyaan Vikram and Nayanthara in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Harris Jayaraj.

Singers: Christopher Stanley, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Ujjayney Roy
Lyrics: Karky

The groovy album begins with typical Harris sounds tossed with Hip-Hop beats and contemporary lyrics by Karky. The bass work rhythmically follows the trance beats with competent vocals by Christopher Stanley and Abhay as well. Halena is all set to be the latest earworm.

Oh Maya
Singers: NC Karunya, Ramya NSK
Lyrics: Thamarai

The melody mode occurs with a stylish melody sung effectively by NC Karunya and Ramya. The song has pleasant appeal and also gives an ideal feel of a road trip track. Nevertheless, the song has very limited changovers which might make it a homogenous hearing.

Kannai Vittu
Singers: Tipu, Praveen Sarvi, Srimathumitha
Lyrics: Karky

A moody composition with mild strings and eerie grand piano has a tinge of classicm in the tune. The song attempts to bring a cool ambience to the overall album and it manages to do it neatly. The string section attempts to bring musical tension in the interludes but fails to reach a crescendo.  Flute touches take the front seat with ample confidence. But wait for the song to grow on you. It does.

Iru Mugan Settai
Singers: Kavithai Gundar Emcee,Jesz,Steeve Vatz, Maalavika Manoj
Lyrics: Kavithai Gundar Emcee Jesz

A trendy rock album strikes a fusion with Rap and Hip-Hop as well but it is the Rap portion which takes the essential lead througout the composition. The rhythm also makes its presence felt to keep the grooviness going. Electric guitar does its job neatly but falters as it progresses by.

Face Off
Singer: Maria Roe Vincent

The finale makes its dynamic presence felt with a captivating theme track laden with rhythm, and funky keys. The syncopated rhythm and power packed electric guitar makes it a decent hearing.

Verdict: Iru Mugan is a pleasant rendition of HJ's hip-hop style sounds that deserve a couple of slots in one's playlist
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Iru Mugan (aka) Iru Mugan

Iru Mugan (aka) Iru Mugan is a Tamil movie with production by Shibu Thameens, direction by Anand Shankar, cinematography by RD Rajashekar. The cast of Iru Mugan (aka) Iru Mugan includes Nayanthara, Nithya Menon, Vikram.