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Production: PVP Cinemas Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Kay Kay Menon, Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu Direction: Sankalp Reddy Screenplay: Gangaraju Gunnam, Niranjan Reddy, Sankalp Reddy Story: Gangaraju Gunnam, Niranjan Reddy, Sankalp Reddy Music: K Background score: K Cinematography: Madhie Dialogues: Manikandan Editing: Sreekar Prasad

Ghazi is a wartime drama set in 1971, in which an Indian submarine crew battles a rival Pakistani fast and powerful submarine. The film is based on the mysterious sinking of Ghazi(Pakistan Submarine) that took place in 1971. The actual cause of the sinking is still not known, although people from India and Pakistan have different views. This story is based on the Indian version of Ghazi attack. It stars Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon and Atul Kulkarni in the lead roles while Taapsee Pannu plays an extended cameo.

It is considered to be India's first underwater/war at sea film. So when we are offered something that Indian cinema has never experienced in the past, people tend to be skeptical and approach it with a negative frame of mind. Will it suit our type of cinema? Will it engage us? Can we enjoy it with our family? Is our industry equipped enough to pull out a submarine war project in the quality that is no less to the Hollywood films? A commoner will have so many questions in his mind before watching a movie like Ghazi. Well, if you ask us, the film satisfies all the above-mentioned norms.

This submarine drama holds your attention throughout the course of 120 minutes, yeah maybe you could find a momentary dip in pace during the second half. But thanks to the director for not deviating much from the core concept. Ghazi has no comedies or songs, yet it arrests your focus.

Let’s not sideline this film as an undersea war film because it has more to do with individuals than explosions. The character graphs of the top 4 leads, Rana Daggubati, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and the actor who plays the Pakistani Captain, have been so brilliantly sketched. Their roles were so cleverly designed and superbly enacted too.

Kay Kay Menon, in particular, was stupendous, and he literally showed us how a tough Captain in the Navy looks. He had an unbiased role that will surely impress everyone despite his methods being a little abnormal. One could relate the first half of the film to the popular Hollywood film Crimson Tide. Similar to that, we have an interesting conflict between a young officer and an experienced rude captain.

The first half mostly deals with the internal conflicts within Indian Navy officials whereas the latter half is more patriotic, intense and emotional. Ghazi also has a powerful villain; someone who is mostly ahead of what the protagonists think. The brain game between the hero and the baddie was vehemently architected.

Though the production design was largely neat, a few scenes looked tacky; especially the scene where the Indian submarine gets hit. There are few other scenes too which required better detailing. The ending looked a little hurried. We feel Ghazi deserves a more impactful finish than this.

[Reviewed after a special preview show on Wednesday, Feb 15th. Movie releases on Friday, Feb 17th]


Verdict: A sumptuously exciting undersea war thriller!


3.25 5 ( 3.25 / 5.0 )





Ghazi (aka) The Ghazi attack

Ghazi (aka) The Ghazi attack is a Tamil movie. Atul Kulkarni, Kay Kay Menon, Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu are part of the cast of Ghazi (aka) The Ghazi attack. The movie is directed by Sankalp Reddy. Music is by K. Production by PVP Cinemas, cinematography by Madhie, editing by Sreekar Prasad.