"Dhanush has broken all the rules" - Abhirami Ramanathan - Event Story

Jun 18, 2013

The team of Ambikapathy, Raanjhanaa in Hindi, was present before the media in Chennai today 18th June 2013, to promote the movie. The film’s hero Dhanush, heroine Sonam Kapoor, director Anand Rai, story writer Himanshu Sharma and the dialogue writer in Tamil John Mahendran were the chief representatives along with the film’s producer, Eros International’s Krishika Lulla, and Abhirami Ramanathan who is the distributor of Ambikapathy in Tamil Nadu.

Abhirami Ramanathan, the distributor of the film, spoke of his long term association with Eros International, one which started with Ra One. He said that Dhanush was the single reason behind his decision to distribute the film. He had no doubt that with this film Dhanush would make the Tamil people proud. He was also in praise of the actor in the way he had broken all the pre-set rules and formula of a hero and claimed that the film was a masterpiece.

Dhanush, clad in a traditional dhoti, said that Anand Rai did not cast him because of Kolaveri and neither did he take up this film for the sake of doing a Hindi project. The actor said that Anand Rai had watched Aadukalam on Youtube and had been trying to get through to him for many months before Dhanush reluctantly agreed to hear his story. Dhanush said that he treated this like just another movie and didn’t think it warranted any special privileges or tags.

Dhanush joked about how tedious the promotional commitments were in Bollywood compared to the Tamil industry where he would be required to do just a few interviews. Having said that, Dhanush also pointed out that he saw no difference between the Hindi and Tamil industries. A question on Rajinikanth was almost inevitable and Dhanush politely answered it by saying that the Superstar was set to watch the film on the 21st of June.

Sonam Kapoor was dressed in typical South Indian fashion and spoke of her amazement of her co-star Dhanush. She said that she was ready to do any language film provided the role and the character offered was challenging and exciting for her.



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