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How Jiiva became Mysskin's superhero?

The official puja and launch of Mysskin’s ambitious project Mugamoodi was held last morning at the auditorium of the Santhome school in Chennai. You might wonder why the auditorium of a school was chosen for the launch of a movie. It is because the first shots of the movie were also canned at the same premises.

Mugamoodi, as you might already be aware, is a film to be directed by Mysskin having Jiiva and Narain in the lead roles. It is believed to be one of the first genuine superhero movies in Tamil cinema. Speaking at the function, Mysskin said that this movie was a long time cherished desire of his. His childhood hobby was reading a lot of superhero comics like the Phantom, Mandrake and many others. When he became a film maker, he wanted to do such a movie. Now, that dream has taken off, it is his childhood fantasy coming true. He also added that producer UTV Dhananjayan was equally excited about doing a superhero movie in Tamil and said that he expected nothing less than a super hit from the team.

Mysskin, while talking about the casting said that while developing the script for the movie the first face that came to his mind was that of Jiiva. He immediately called the actor and gave him a synopsis of the plot. Jiiva surprised Mysskin by arriving at his office within 10 minutes of the phone call. It was at this moment that Mysskin almost finalized his hero. But, the bigger surprise was still to come, Mysskin said. He asked Jiiva to undergo 6 months rigorous kung-fu training for the film and Jiiva replied that he had been learning the martial art for more than 6 years now. That left no doubt in Mysskin’s mind that he had chosen the right person.

Speaking about Narain, Mysskin said that all that was required was a phone call from him for Narain to accept the role without any questions. Narain had said that there was no way he could turn down an offer from Mysskin. That Narain was readily available for the role of lead antagonist when his career as hero was taking off in a big way in Malayalam and Tamil was testimony of his commitment towards cinema, Mysskin said.

Talking about his heroine, Mysskin said that Pooja Hegde, a newcomer was chosen only after extensive screen tests which she had passed with flying colours. Mugamoodi is set to have music by K, who did the BGM for Yudham Sei.

And, about the scene that was canned on the first day; it was that of a huge martial arts class. There were around 2000 junior artistes dressed in authentic kung fu attire for the scene. The first day’s shots of the movie proved that it was going to be a grand affair.

Mysskin finished by saying that if Jiiva was able to provide bulk dates, about 90 days, then the film would be shot at one stretch and be ready for release by mid of 2012. Looking forward to a full fledged superhero movie from Mysskin!

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