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yudham-sei-review YUDHAM SEI MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board

Starring: Cheran Dipa Shah
Direction: Mysskin
Music: Krishna Kumar @ K
Production: Kalpathi S Agoram, Kalpathi S Ganesh, Kalpathi S S

When there is a confluence of creative energies from the likes of Mysskin, Cheran and Ameer, the expectations are bound to soar up to stratospheric levels especially with Mysskin who is fresh from basking in the glory of his recent Nandalala. In this AGS production venture, Mysskin has chosen the crime and detection genre with Cheran as the protagonist steering the cast.

J K (Cheran) is the honest CB-CID officer who is distressed when his sister Charu goes missing suddenly. When he is about to resign his job on her search, his superior hands him a sensational and a high profile assignment that requires untangling a case wherein severed and neatly packed body parts are continuously found in strategic places in the city. This trail takes Cheran to various people and places, and the link to his sister, culminating in many unprecedented twists and turns on the way.

What works for Yudham Sei is its linear narration and effective screen play. There are no unwanted elements in the form of comedy tracks or romantic angles. Mysskin has veered clear off the expected syntax of Tamil films of such genre. He has handled this subject with a few forensic aspects thrown in. The larger part of the film keeps the audience guessing and in suspense. He has also managed to tell his story with little known artists which requires appreciation.

In the performance department, brevity seems to be the key word with Cheran who scores by delivering a subtle portrayal. Jayaprakash gives him good support, although appearing for a short while. Y Gee Mahendra, a tonsured Lakshmi Ramakrishna, Dipa Shah, Selva and Naren form part of the supporting cast and provide the necessary foil.

Under newcomer Kay’s music, Kannitheevu Penna alone finds its place in the film where the much talked about ‘Yellow sari’ clad Neetu Chandra cavorts with Ameer and ‘blink and you miss’ Charu Niveditha. Mysskin tries to duck the complaint of this particular cliché of his by placing a relevant incident at the end of the ditty. Kay’s RR is sometimes perfect, delivering the right kind of mood for the film whereas in a few sequences it stands out obtrusively. Sathyan’s prying camera peeps, thrills, and gives the needed feel.

A genre such as this should have a frenzied pace to keep the viewer on the edge of the seat but Mysskin misses the bus here with a languorous mode of unfolding events. This could work for an emotional drama but a certain amount of pace which is required for thrillers is a casualty in YS. Besides that, the climax scene is the antithesis of all the tone and mood that was set in the entire film with characters behaving in a dramatic and non-Mysskinish manner.

Verdict: A slow paced well made thriller.

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