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Vijay's Puli trailer reaches the 5 million mark.

From celebrating silver jubilees for films to then considering the 50 days mark at the box-office as a milestone and now including the number of views trailers have managed, the means to determine the success of a film keep changing from time to time. 


Enough has been said about how different and attention grabbing Puli's trailer is, but what more to it? Fans and fanatics go to an extent of comparing the number of views, total amount of likes, dislikes and even consider the number of followers of that particular YouTube channel to actually gauge who or which movie is the greatest when it comes to all this. 


So, in a matter of just 9 days, Puli's high-end trailer has reached the coveted 5 million views mark with over 88K likes, uploaded from a YouTube channel with 1.4 million odd followers. The other recent outperforming trailers include


I with 8,566,181 views and 53,697 likes

Maari with 5,007,176 views and 30,286 likes

Yennai Arindhaal with 4,842,327 views and 67,270 likes


With such humongous number games involved, we congratulate team Puli for their new feat.


For those who haven't seen the Puli trailer -


Vijay's Puli trailer reaches the 5 million mark.

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