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Shamitabh - trailer review

A cool and confident Dhanush with a lot of style!

Jan 21, 2015

Dhanush had recently said in an interview that he is free to experiment in Hindi films with his roles as he has no image baggage there. This is clearly evident in the recently released trailer of his second Hindi film Shamitabh where he shares screen space with the legend Amitabh Bachchan.


Fans of Dhanush are sure to go berserk seeing the National Award winner’s performance in the 1 minute 53 second trailer. If this is just a taste of what is to come, Shamitabh is sure to be impressive (a mild term indeed!), with Balki’s notable credentials also going with it.


It appears from the trailer that the film is about the conflicts between a voice-over artist and a star who has been brought to life on screen with the former’s voice.


Dhanush dominates the screen with his confidence and coolness, sometimes a little conceited, sometimes a little naïve, a little intense but with a lot of style. It is indeed heartening to see the youngster’s uninhibited show in the presence of the iconic Amitabh.


Needless to say Amitabh makes his archetypal presence felt with his contempt laden Hindi version of “This voice will sound good from even a dog’s mouth!”


Akshara Haasan making her acting debut comes along pretty neat as the perfect foil for these two characters. She holds her fort quite naturally too, amidst the men folk.


Added to that P C Sreeram’s aesthetic visuals and Ilayaraja’s apt music, Shamitabh has all the ingredients in it to be a winner. We are waiting for February 6th.


Shamitabh - trailer review

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