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Director Santhakumar of Mouna Guru fame updates on his second project

Director Santhakumar made an emphatic entry into the Tamil film industry with his powerful debut Mouna Guru. Post this film, the director was said to do his second film to be bankrolled by Studio Green.


When behindwoods got in touch with Santhakumar, this is what he had to say:


“My script is almost ready and I am giving it final touches. In the interim I took a break but eventually the break devoured me, resulting in a big gap. Of course, I had informed Gnanavel Raja (Studio Green) about my gap time. I also suffered a personal loss which completely shook me.


There were rumors that I had faced many hardships, but all that was true only for my 1st film Mouna Guru and not for my 2nd. I had spent five years in waiting and rejection for Mouna Guru but fortunately, I have no such problem with this project. Gnanavel has given me all the space that I required and has never pressurized me.


The genre of my next film will be an interesting drama. I am someone who writes characters and throws them in an unusual situation. I write alone and take a little longer than others. I need time for preparation. Character studying is one thing and converting oneself to that character is something else. I belong to the second type. Anyway, I am confident that I will convince the audience with my product as I will be coming back with a fresh presentation.  I am getting ready to strike it big”.  


Wishing you the best Santhakumar and we are all waiting for your second film!


Director Santhakumar of Mouna Guru fame updates on his second project

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