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Actor Sathyaraj turns 61

Sathyaraj, the master of sarcasm, turns 61 (born on October 3, 1954) today. The actor, who began his journey with Sattam En Kaiyil, has indeed come a long way. This actor has proven himself in comedy, villainy and onscreen heroics. He is also known for his atheist views. Though he never directly joined politics, he has been vocal about issues like Tamil nationalism and water rights. Witnessing the shoot of the famous 70s hit Annakili, which took Tamil cinema to picturesque rural locations, was a turning point for Sathyaraj. 


His roles as hero in movies like Nadigan, Amaidhipadai and Periyar are unforgettable and so are his villainous roles in Kakki Sattai, Mr Bharath and Vikram. He began his career acting in negative roles and went on to become a lead actor. Of late, he has been seen in character roles. His role as Kattappa in the recent Baahubali came in for much appreciation.


We wish this actor a very happy birthday!


Actor Sathyaraj turns 61

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