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A lip smacking prospect - Ramya Krishnan as J.Jayalalitha ? , Ramya Krishnan, Baahubali


The terms ‘screen presence’, ‘swag’ and ‘style’ in cinema are generally associated with the many fantastic lead men that we have. No wonder, the masses swoon in delight when they see their favorite heroes exhibiting the above mentioned facets on screen. From MGR, Sivaji down to Rajini, Kamal to the current generation’s youth icons, we have many names ticking the above boxes with distinction.
When it comes to the fairer sex, their complexion, beauty, physical structure and other bodily attributes are generally celebrated, with each woman having her own USPs and highpoints. This may be considered a sexist notion but that is how women have been perceived in our cinema over the decades. Actresses are most often considered as ‘sex symbols’ with a few of them storming our senses with their specific talents like serious emoting, dancing, comedy etc.
Given this scenario in South Indian cinema, there is this one absolutely beautiful woman who has an amazing skill set which combines whatever I have spoken about in the first two paras. She can play the typical female seductress and also exhibit astonishing screen presence, swag and style rivalling any male superstar. She has played sensual roles with aplomb, is a graceful dancer par excellence and can emote with ease. But beyond all these, she will be remembered in the annals of South Indian film history for her powerful performances. Thanks to Padayappa, she stormed back into public consciousness in the South despite acting in many other prior films, and now with Baahubali, she has been given a deserving push all over the world.
Yes, it is Ramya Krishnan that I am talking about. After seeing Baahubali and being bowled over by the film’s visual splendor, the one-of-a-kind war sequence, Prabhas’ stunning demeanour, Keeravani’s marvelous music befitting the movie’s content, Sathyaraj’s remarkable efforts for his role, the mass moments and the sprinklings of fantasy, Ramya as Sivagami was foremost in my thoughts. What authority she exhibited as the queen who holds her own and controls her people with just a wave of the hand and a movement of the eye! Her maternal instincts are supreme as she goes about grooming and raising Baahubali and Bhallaladeva into strong young princes. Her pride at seeing these fine young men grow up was majestic. Men tremble in her midst and at the same time she is as desirable as they come. And Ramya’s magnetic resonating voice was put to great use as well.
One can’t wait for more of Sivagami in the second part which promises to answer all the unanswered questions from the first part and offer more drama, action and moments. Though we know Sivagami’s end point, the way she travels to that point should be fascinating.
With all this prowess and experience across many Indian languages, Ramya Krishnan has much more to offer. The odd Padayappa, Panchathanthiram and Baahubali with the likes of K.S.Ravikumar and S.S.Rajamouli, just don’t do justice to her talent. When there can be a biopic on the life and times of ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher done in the UK with Meryl Streep (aided by great makeup) playing the titular role, why not a similar biopic here on the life of our reigning Tamil Nadu CM, J.Jayalalitha with Ramya Krishnan taking on the lead role. There can’t be a better choice and I am sure that a majority of you would agree.
JJ’s life story would offer great scope for a gripping movie, with her action-packed journey from cinema to politics. And with increasingly better makeup technology and trained artistes employed here by the industry, if the necessary rights and permission are procured, such a movie with Ramya filling Jaya’s shoes would be lip-smacking. Their voices have an uncanny resemblance too! Hope our directors, producers think along these lines.

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