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All those who have seen Sarabham would admit that Salony Luthra, the film's lead actress was a revelation. Her performance in mysterious dual roles was praiseworthy and her confident demeanour was also noted. After the good critical response to the film, Salony is gunning for more. In this exclusive chat with Kaushik, for Behindwoods.com, we find out more from this tall beauty.
1. How has the response to your performance in Sarabham been?
Its just been so amazing. I'm so grateful and thankful for all the appreciation and love and encouragement coming my way. Every morning I get up I'm welcomed by such great responses on Twitter, Facebook accounts after Sarabham .
2. How have Chennai and the people of the city welcomed you as an actress? 
They have given me such a warm welcome. I remember I was doing rounds of all theaters on the 1st week of the film's release, I had an elderly lady (my grandmother's age maybe) come and give me so many blessings and appreciation for my work in Sarabham, I cherish these moments. I thank all the people for giving me such a warm and loving response.
3. What has been the one common feedback for your performance in Sarabham, considering all reviews and public opinions?
People have really appreciated the differentiation of the non-identical roles I play in the film, which has many shades and was very challenging. It feels really nice when people appreciate and acknowledge the differentiation in the characters I was hoping to showcase.
4. After Sarabham, do you perceive a change in the way people are seeing you? 
Yes, people now see me as an actress who can perform, which is the best part.. Earlier they used to say you are pretty but can you act? After Sarabham that has changed.
5. Has your confidence as a performer grown after Sarabham? 
As an actor I still feel every shot as my first shot. I'm equally excited, anxious and want to give my best.
6. But are you disheartened by Sarabham's below-par box-office performance?
Sarabham is not a very big budget film, it was released with Jigarthanda which is a huge film. So there was no comparison in the first place. Sarabham has done really well by word of mouth, which says enough about the film's success.
7. How is your comfort level with the Tamil language now? And the recent Tamil movies that you saw and liked? 
Oh now I feel comfortable with Tamil as I have been spending so much time in Chennai. I liked Mundasupatti, Jigarthanda of which I saw recently.
8. Your reaction to the often-heard comments here, that you look like Angelina Jolie? 
I feel happy and honored to be compared to Angelina Jolie because she is such a great artist. I hope I can be somewhere close to her achievements someday as an actress and as a person with such a strong inclination for social service.
9. The one unique thing that Salony has .. In other words, what do you feel is your huge asset? And the area where you wish to improve as an actress / person?
I take acting as a passion and not as a job and this kept me motivated and energetic when we shot the first 5 days of Sarabham non-stop without sleep. In every field I would like to keep improving as an actress.
10. The secret of your stunning figure? You seem to be a person who is big-time into sports, fitness and outdoor activities.
Haha, thank you. Yes I love adventure sports and all fun outdoor sports, I love water sports too. But in all honesty I don't starve myself nor do I follow a very strict regime as of now. But I soon may, who knows.
11. What next ? Any plum offers your way in Tamil and other industries ?
I am so thankful to God. I have been getting great response and great offers in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.
12. What kind of space are you looking at? Also, ready to play the glam doll opposite the big heroes or are you beyond such meaningless but lucrative offers?
See I'll tell you honestly that I want to be a part of all different kinds of films and yes I love dancing, so why not. As an actor God gives us the opportunity to live many characters, so I am open to those.
13. Who are your role models in cinema? 
I admire a lot of artists in cinema. There is so much to learn from all of them. I love the simplicity and humility of Mr. Rajinikanth after being so famous all over the world.
14. The male actor that you have a big crush on? And the people with whom you would die to work with? 
Hahaaa, there are so many interesting actors. After working with them I'll answer your question on whom I have a crush on.

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