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Yuvan Shankar Raja clarifies on his change of religion

Yuvan on his conversion to Islam and Ilayaraja's reaction

Feb 10, 2014
Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja has recently embraced Islam which came to light through his tweet. There were quite a few questions raised on this and the first one being his dad Ilayaraja’s reaction as the maestro is a strong follower of Sanatana Dharma.
Answering this, Yuvan says, “Of course, it was a shock to him initially but he later accepted my decision. Like all fathers, he just wants his son to be happy”.
There was also a rumor that director Ameer was responsible for Yuvan’s conversion to Islam. Yuvan vehemently denies this and says it is all to do with connection between your inner soul and spiritualism which is what had happened to the music director.
It is also being said that Yuvan is considering a name change to reflect on his recently embraced religion but is yet to decide.


Yuvan Shankar Raja clarifies on his change of religion

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