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Superstar is always young!

'Ever fit Rajini' - Radharavi gasps !

Sep 02, 2014

What looks best in slow motion? Superstar's walk!!! Style king Rajinikanth is known for his sophisticated walk with his usual histrionics. Till date, it is the highly practiced type of walk among youngsters. The pace and grace is unmatchable. 

There has been this very interesting event reported by veteran actor Radharavi himself. A scene in Lingaa required both Rajini and Radharavi go to the top of a dam for an important scene to be shot. The minute, director K S Ravikumar instructed the senior artists to go to the dam for the shot, Rajini started walking it seems. 
Radharavi gasps, "When I was struggling to reach half way, Rajini made it to the top and was ready for the take. I saw this very same energy 20 years before, during Uzhaipali shoot. Now I see the same Rajinikanth again. He's elder to me, but his fitness astounds me. I've done 296 films so far, but Lingaa will be a milestone film in my career".


Superstar is always young!

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