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Kamal Haasan goes nostalgic during Vaaliba Raja audio launch

“I’d have helped a bunch of criminals go free” – Kamal Haasan

Jun 26, 2014

The audio launch of Valeba Raja, starring Sethu, Santhanam, Vishaka Singh and Nushrat Bharucha in the lead, happened yesterday, 25th June, at Devi Cinemas. The event was graced by a bunch of stars including Kamal Haasan and director KV Anand.

Addressing the gathering, Kamal Haasan started, “I believe in supporting all the efforts of youngsters. According to me even K Balachander is a Valiba Raja. He is still acting in Uttama Villain.”

“KV Anand said he was from Kamal’s school. How can I be considered a school, when I haven’t even been to one? I myself try to learn from everywhere. Shruti Haasan tutored me for Dasavatharam.”

He was also enthusiastic about new young artists coming into cinema. “I hear hero Sethu is also a doctor. While we actors earned doctorates without going to school or college, Sethu has earned it the right way (laughs). I also like the way Sethu admires the industry. I myself haven’t grown tired of admiring it. There are so many artists, much more talented than me, vanished with time. I still wonder how I survived.”

The fans in Vishaka Singh and Nushrat Bharucha peeked out when they met Kamal Haasan during the event. Narrating their conversation, Ulaganayagan said, “I’ve promised a photo to one of the heroines and a role in my film to another. I tell you, even Kasthuri has acted as my daughter. So, even you’d be surprised with the roles you get sometimes. My brother, Chandra Haasan’s daughter has acted as my mother. In reality, she’s actually like a daughter to me. Only cinema can make all this happen and I’m happy that I chose the right stream. Had I become a lawyer like my dad, by now I’d have helped a bunch of criminals go free."

Summing up his speech, he advised, “For all the youngsters in the industry, I tell you this. Never lose hope when things don’t seem to work out. Cinema is the best industry to be a part of and the tables will always turn eventually.”


Kamal Haasan goes nostalgic during Vaaliba Raja audio launch

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