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Jilla and Ivan Vera Mathiri's long runs

Vijay and Vikram Prabhu - Two Exceptions

Mar 23, 2014

At a time when films are believed to be clean hits if they manage to complete just a solid 25 days run at the box office, milestones such as 50 days, 75 days and 100 days are fast losing the importance that they once had. But, we still have hit films being screened in theaters until their 50th day as a mark of goodwill for their successful run. Only very very few films are retained in theaters beyond 50 days for the other milestones such as 75 and 100 days.

In such a time, we have two rare films, one nearing the 75 days mark and the other completing the 100 days mark. We are talking about Jilla and Ivan Vera Mathiri. While Jilla is being screened in Baby Albert and PVR in its 11th week, Ivan Vera Mathiri completed the 100 days mark in its 15th week in Sai Shanti. 
It must be noted that producers and distributors fall back on such smaller screens like Baby Albert, Sai Shanti and Devi Kala (all in Chennai) when they want their films to complete such milestones.
Jilla has a very high likelihood of reaching the 100 days milestone too, in the coming weeks, even though we have some high profile releases such as Maan Karate and Naan Sigappu Manithan.


Jilla and Ivan Vera Mathiri's long runs

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