Thala Thalapathy Pongal

Thala Thalapathy Pongal

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It is time to realize,Jilla & Veeram was Neason vs Siva & not Vijay vs Ajith for their respective fans.
Vijay has done complete justice to his role. He has given his 100% to the movie.
In Kerala, people are saying that director didn't do justice to Mohanlal's characterization in the movie. But, here??
Director Neason had given very good first half. Chemistry between Mohanlal & Vijay was too good. If he has managed to do it in the second half, it would have been as good as Superstar & Mamootty in Thalapathy. But, he has spoiled it by making them fight against each other in the second half with forced climax twist without any logic. 3 Hours - Biggest Mistake made by Neason. Trailer of the movie was too good and created huge expectation among Vijay fans & family audience. Expectations for Vijay's movie was too much after Nanban & Thuappaki and Neason couldn't deliver it. If this movie was released after Velayutham (script was written during that period), it may have got excellent response
Veeram - Trailer & Title of the movie suggested that it may be a complete action movie with lots of forced punch dialogues by Ajith. Ajith's earlier movie ran well, only due to their fans and it was not well received by family audience. But, surprisingly, after long time, Director Siva has given a movie, which will not only satisfy Ajith fans, but also added the essential ingredients & typical commercial movie success formula to satisfy the Family Audience. If any other actor has done this movie, it would have been tagged as old fashioned commercial entertainer. But, it is a new platform for Ajith and it has been well received by the audience.
Hence, DIRECTOR is the REAL HERO of the Movie. Vijay & Ajith have worked really very hard for this movie and they shouldn't be blamed for the success of their movies. 
Having said it, Vijay & Ajith are the 2 leading heroes of Tamil Cinema. Recently, both actors are selecting scripts in such a way, that it satisfies their Fans to huge extent. For taking our Tamil Cinema to the next level, Vijay & Ajith have to choose scripts which are quite creative. Vijay & Ajith could give blockbusters with just an average script. If they act in scripts such as 'Soodhu Kavvum' or 'Mounaguru", it would be great for Tamil Cinema & their fans too.
Definitely, it is THALA THALAPATHY pongal..
Sathish Kumar

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