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C2H Network founded by Mr. Cheran!

Cheran's C2H Network!

Jul 15, 2014

Here follows a detailed press release about director Cheran's latest endeavour, C2H Network.

Every month, about 25 movies are being lined up to compete with each other what with movies releasing every week. Each year, 300 plus movies are said to be censored for their release but only 50 percent of the movies are actually being released.


About 150 movies find it difficult to touch the Silver Screen due to escalated cost in production and marketing. Marketing has become the most important tool for a movie to be commercially successful and render profits and revenue to its producers. Only around 12 of these 150 movies taste commercial success and the remaining 92 percent of the movies make moderate revenue or face heavy losses due to lack of publicity or smaller marketing budgets. With all these difficulties, the producers are forced to sell their copyrights to various platforms or distribution channels for a minimal revenue to cover their losses.


In addition, the most important hurdle every producer or a creator in the film Industry is facing today is piracy. Almost 60 to 70 percent of a movie's revenue is being eaten up by piracy which creates an enormous hit to the revenue for its producer. Piracy has become so strong by being in multiple platforms, which makes it difficult for any producer to curb it, individually.


With all these difficulties growing larger to a producer, C2H Network has been founded by Mr. Cheran, Director & Producer to help and maximize the revenue with the use of latest technology and unique distribution networks, which were created over a period of 8 months. With C2H Network, producers can release their movies in multiple platforms such as DTH, SET TOP BOX, ONLINE, MOBILE APPS and DVD apart from their theatrical release which can yield additional revenue to them.


C2H Network, DVD Bazaar have created a strong network of 120 distributors and 6000 dealers in 33 districts spread across 385 Taluks in Tamil Nadu. 


C2H Network is also working closely with DTH and SET TOP BOX operators on a mutually beneficial revenue sharing model to deliver movies to 55 Lakh Tamil Subscribers across India. There also is online streaming and mobile apps for viewers across the globe with Pay Per View options.

Good Luck to Cheran and his team on this brave and ambitious new initiative.


C2H Network founded by Mr. Cheran!

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