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Cheran is thrilled regarding the 'Amma Theaters' announcement

Cheran is relieved thanks to 'Amma Theaters'

Feb 21, 2014

Director Cheran who not long ago voiced his dissatisfaction on the current state of the industry which in his words were ‘violating the art form under the guise of profits’, has now sounded a sense of relief since the announcement of the State Government’s initiative that is 'Amma Theatres'.

Cheran was all praise for the Chief Minister’s initiative and said that it would be a move that will greatly influence more filmmakers like himself, to pursue their interests wholeheartedly without fearing for their livelihood. He also said that the initiative would curb the menace of pirated CDs and offer a very affordable cinema viewing experience to everyone.

In his statement to the Chief Minister, Cheran said he is prepared to pledge full support to this idea.


Cheran is thrilled regarding the 'Amma Theaters' announcement

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