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Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli talks about life after Sutta Kadhai

''No action heroine plans in specific''

Nov 06, 2013

In the recently released Sutta Kadhai, actress Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli made a good impression in an action packed role and she garnered quite a few eyeballs. She is a former National level cricketer and is currently actively into Ultimate Frisbee. Our Behindwoods Correspondent got in touch with this budding actress for a little chat. 

How has the response been to your work so far? 
Sutta Kadhai was my first movie in a lead role and all the reviews have been positive. I am yet to come across any negative comments about my performance in Sutta Kadhai. The offers that I am currently getting are also performance oriented ones and people are approaching me with good words about my acting skills. 
Do you see yourself filling the action heroine space in Tamil cinema?
I just love acting and will take up any good role that comes my way. I don't plan specifically on being the next action heroine.
Did you feel disappointed about Sutta Kadhai's release, just a week before Diwali and the subsequent below-par theatrical performance? 
I am sure that the producer had his plans and purpose in place. He had to cross so many hurdles just to release the film and we were happy that the film finally made it to theaters. I don't have anything to say about the pre-Diwali release. 
Did you receive more volume of feedback post the TV premier of Sutta Kadhai? 
Not particularly. People had good words to say about my performance, whether they saw it on TV or in theaters. Since the channel hasn't been made available on a wide basis, there wasn't any particular surge in feedback.
About your future film plans
A couple of scripts that I heard, are really exciting and some talented first timers are behind them. They will be made on a small budget but would be mighty interesting. Nothing has been made official yet. 
Any plans to promote sports among young girls?
If I am able to help in any small way, I definitely would. Women's cricket doesn't get much media coverage in our country and in the same way, the sport that I am currently pursuing, Ultimate Frisbee is also worth propagating. It is my hobby and in future whatever my profession is, I would definitely keep playing and doing my little bit for Ultimate Frisbee.


Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli talks about life after Sutta Kadhai

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