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A report on Libra Productions' next films in the pipeline

Libra Productions is ready with a slew of films

Dec 16, 2013
Ravindar Chandrasekaran, an NRI Tamil Producer, based in Switzerland is the proprietor of Libra Productions. His passion for movies is evident from his production house’s logo - it has a mother having a film reel in her womb!
About Sutta Kadhai, his first movie, he said that the movie was a great learning experience about relationships, business and working of the cinema industry. Interestingly, he is a business graduate.
Nalanum Nandhiniyum is his next. He is in talks with two top distributors for its release, but is also considering distributing the movie himself. The movie’s release is pushed from 29th of December to 4th of January. It must be noted that Jilla and Veeram are due just 6 days away, on January 10th.
Libra Productions, also, has two other films - 'Kolai Nokku Paarvai', directed by Nandhini JS and starring Karthik Kumar and Radhika Apte, and 'Mr and Mrs Kalyanam', which will begin in February.
He rubbished reports that Kolai Nokku Paarvai is shelved. He said, "The movie is just delayed for business reasons, but it will happen. Also, Nandhini (the director) has some personal commitments to take care of. The next schedule will begin soon." 
When asked about another movie 'I N A', with which he is associated with, he laughs, "Wait for a surprise." Reportedly, the movie will be directed by himself. 
Exciting times ahead for Libra Productions and us.


A report on Libra Productions' next films in the pipeline

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