Velai Illa Pattadhari- Visitor's review

Velai Illa Pattadhari- Visitor's review

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Well, Velraj - the Adukalam cinematographer has hit the right chords with the audience. The mantra of Velraj’s Success with VIP is he kept things Simple and Straight. Right from the one line story, the execution was simple and clinical.


At a time when Engineering is losing its steam and Arts taking the centre stage again, the bottom line of struggles of an Engineering student to get a job in his field immediately got connected with young audience. And the uncomplicated simple and straight script with natural performance by the lead casts, energetic Music and BGM and crisp editing took the audience for a thoroughly enjoyable jolly fun ride.


Dhanush is exceptional. He is that one rare actor who often makes the audience to forget that he is acting ..He always gives us a feel that as if we are watching a boy in real life. These kinds of performances will sure going to make his name a standard one in awards lists. He cake walks in VIP with an effortless performance. Amala Paul  has almost done a Dhanush . With available screen space she makes a mark after KSE.  With simple make ups and casual salwars she becomes a synonym to the girl next door image. Samuthirakani’s character is the next edition of Strict dad in Dhanush movies in the lines of  Polladhavan Murali and Yaradi Ne Mohini Raguvaran. But with his uniqueness he joins the list of natural performers in the movie. Saranya Ponvannan has done this usual middle class mom roles numerous times, but still her presence gives a good feel in all movies and VIP is not an exception. Surabi with her slim and pretty looks invites the directors to take a note of her. And the “Luna” too makes an impact.


 Anirudh’s Songs have already become chart busters. Along with Dhanush and Anirudh, Veteran singer S.Janaki has rendered her voice after a long time. The BGM is very energetic and keeps the mood in upswing throughout the movie. Crisp editing by Rajeshkumar makes sure that there are no dull moments . Velraj handles the camera in way to help himself to make things looks simple. The last half an hour though very predictable and usual, throws a light on the current scenario of Engineering Students. As the director doesn’t wants to complicate the script, he finishes off the movie with a label of Good Entertainer. As a debutant, Velraj has passed his first test.  This is a Mass Entertainer in Dhanush’s Style  and he can’t ask for a better outing  than VIP as his 25th Movie which is thoroughly entertaining.



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